What is Argo Camp?

Argo Camp is a supplementary, but optional extended orientation program geared towards our incoming freshman class. We offer a three-day, two-night experience in August where students will be given the opportunity to establish life-long friendships and build social networks with their peers, currently-enrolled UWF students and professional faculty and staff.

Students who attend Argo Camp will learn what it is like to be a student at the University of West Florida more quickly than students who do not attend. Our student and professional Argo Camp staff members get first time in college (FTIC) students connected to campus by promoting acceptance of diverse cultures and exposing them to experiences that other universities may not provide.

Argo Camp Executive Board Application

The Argo Camp Executive Board for 2016 has been selected. The selection process for the 2017 Argo Camp Executive Board will begin in August of 2016. For questions please contact us at argocamp@uwf.edu. Thank you for your interest in Argo Camp!



Registration for Argo Camp 2016 is not yet available. Argo Camp 2016 Registration will be open in June of 2016!


Questions about Argo Camp? Please see our FAQs.

ArgoCamp Staff

Argo Camp 2016 Co-Chairs have already been selected. Applications for Counselors and Krew are now available! Click here to apply for a Counselor or Krew position. Please have an updated resume available to attach to your application.

Meet our staff! Argo Camp is a program for students led by students.

I remember what a difference an Argo Camp staff member made for me as an incoming freshman. They made me feel more comfortable as I made the transition to college life.

Jodie Gray

Argo Camp benefits students in many ways like helping them make lasting friendships. It has helped me start off on the right foot in becoming a strong campus leader. It’s also made a huge impact on my social life and academic career and it gave me the confidence to get involved on campus.

Patricia Foley