Jennifer L. McCaul, Ph.D.

Associate Dean - Advising & Retention | First Year Advising Center | 850-474-3170 |


  • BS in Biological Sciences - Marine Science - Bowling Green State University
  • BA in Criminal Justice - Grand Valley State University
  • MBA in General Business Administration - Grand Valley State University
  • MED in Adult and Higher Education - Grand Valley State University
  • Ph.D. in Educational Leadership - Higher Education - Western Michigan University


What advice would you like to give new students and families?

Don't get tied down to one dream. As you get to know more about your choices at college, you may start to discover new interests and develop in new directions. You could change your ideas of who you are and what your future might hold. It's ok to change direction and seek a new course. There are many resources here to help you navigate your way toward your goals. 


What is the best advice you ever received, who gave it?

Get an education! That's the one thing "they" cannot take away from you. --My Grandpa who finished his GED after returning from WWII - though I never knew who was going to take something away from me, I always listened. 

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