Nautilus Excellence Awards

Check out the Nautilus Excellence Award winners from the Division of University Advancement!

Dale Riegle and Howard Reddy at the ERAP awards
Vice President Howard Reddy (right) with Dale Riegle (left)

2018 Nautilus Excellence Award Winner

Dale Riegle

As the Assistant Director at WUWF radio station, Dale demonstrates an unwavering ability and desire to serve both the university and the public. Last July, a transmitter experienced a catastrophic failure. Dale worked fervently to restore temporary broadcast communications and coordinated the repairs so the broadcast signal was back to full power to the area within two months. Dale’s commitment to professionalism, performance, and customer service enhances the image of the university.

2018 Milestone Service Awards

Thirty Five Years

John (Pat) Crawford (WUWF)

Twenty Five Years

Deborah Tripp (Advancement)

Fifteen Years

Paul Dunwoody (WUWF), Cristy Hardy (WUWF)

Five Years

Amy Eve (UWF Historic Trust), Ross Pristera (UWF Historic Trust), Giovanni Volpara (UWF Foundation)

Nautilus Excellence Award Winners
2017 Patricia Barlow, Jacquelyn Wilson
2016 Theresa Clark
2015 Summer Reilly
2014 Margi Baker
2013 Cristy Hardy
2012 Jeffrey Djerlek, Sheyna Marcey
2011 Kenda Hembrough
2010 Germaine (Geri) Battist
2009 Jaimie Woodard
2008 Sara Groh
2007 Ann Deen

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