Nautilus Excellence Awards

Check out the Nautilus Excellence Award winners from the Division of University Advancement!

patricia barlow receiving her nautilus excellence award
Interim Vice President Dr. Meredith Brunen (left) with Patricia Barlow (right)

2017 Nautilus Excellence Award Winners

Patricia Barlow

As the Board Administrator for University Advancement, Patricia personifies professionalism, intelligence, graciousness and service to others. As a gifted writer and scholar, she enhances the image of the university on a national level while also using her talents to develop proposals to help secure student scholarship endowments. Patricia brings to work an exuberant and gracious spirit by going out of her way to help others in need. She truly makes the university a better place to work, study and visit.

jacqueline wilson receiving her nautilus excellence award
Interim Vice President Dr. Meredith Brunen (left) with Jacquelyn Wilson (right)

Jacquelyn Wilson

As Museum Archivist for the UWF Historic Trust, Jackie is a walking encyclopedia of information about Pensacola’s history and willingly shares her knowledge with everyone. She greets visitors with a smile and makes them feel welcome, taking special care in ensuring that volunteers feel valued. Jackie went above and beyond during the many hours she spent in the former home of Mr. T.T. Wentworth Jr. searching for materials in less than desirable circumstances, all in the name of history! Her dedication and professionalism represent the best of UWF.

2017 Milestone Service Awards

Twenty Years

Sandra Averhart

Ten Years

Germaine (Geri) Battist

Five Years

Eva (Jan) Butts, Wendi Davis, Megan Gonzalez, Randy Jackson, Meredith Jones, LeVaun McCorvey, Jason O'Connell, Summer Reilly and Jacquelyn Wilson

Nautilus Excellence Award Winners
2017 Patricia Barlow, Jacquelyn Wilson
2016 Theresa Clark
2015 Summer Reilly
2014 Margi Baker
2013 Cristy Hardy
2012 Jeffrey Djerlek, Sheyna Marcey
2011 Kenda Hembrough
2010 Germaine (Geri) Battist
2009 Jaimie Woodard
2008 Sara Groh
2007 Ann Deen

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