Lisa Blalock, Ph.D.

Dr. Lisa Blalock is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and has been teaching at UWF since 2010. She earned her BS in psychology from the University of Central Florida in 2004, her MA in cognitive psychology from Colorado State University in 2007, and her PhD in cognitive psychology from Colorado State University in 2010. Her current courses include Research Methods in Psychological Science I, Sensation & Perception, Careers in Psychology, and Advanced Sensation & Perception. 
Dr. Blalock researches visual and spatial working memory, which are the cognitive processes behind how people remember and process visual and spatial information across the short term. Specifically, she examines the processes involved in encoding, maintaining, and retrieving visual information as well as how those processes interact with visual selective attention, controlled attention, and long-term memory. She is also interested in applying the basic principles of visual working memory to real world situations such as training and driving.