Dr. Alexis Janosik

Alexis Janosik is a Marine Biology faculty member in the Biology Department. She eared her B.S in Marine Biology and a Ph.D. in Biology from Auburn University. Alexis has been teaching at UWF for almost two years. She teaches courses for Marine Biology majors, such as the Biology of Coral Reefs and Marine Mammals, as well as courses for non-Biology majors, such as Fundamentals of Ecology and Introduction to Oceanography & Marine Biology. She is also the undergraduate advisor for the Marine Biology program and the faculty club advisor for MERS (Marine Ecology Research Society) and GWIS (Graduate Women in Science). When she is not teaching and advising, Alexis finds time for her research program. Currently, she is working on an environmental DNA (eDNA) project on the Alabama sturgeon and the Gulf sturgeon. Both of theses species are federally protected and along with undergraduate and gradate students, she is using eDNA as a forensics method to attempt to detect these fish.