QM Fundamentals Course Review

Have you successfully completed ATC's "Designing a Quality Online Course?" Are you currently using the ATC Course Design Template? If so, then your course may already meet QM Fundamentals Rubric Standards.

What are QM Fundamentals?

A QM Fundamentals course review is recommended for all online courses at UWF and is available through the ATC Quality Course Program. An online course which effectively integrates the ATC course design template and successfully meets the requirements of a QM Fundamentals review could satisfy 75% of the requirements for a full QM course certification. 

QM Fundamentals consists of:

  1. A condensed set of standards - includes all the essential standards pulled from the QM Rubric
    1. Log into Confluence to download a copy of the QM Fundamentals Rubric*. 
  2. A course design template to guide instructors:
    1. in developing new online courses
    2. to improve existing courses
    3. Many time-consuming features have been built into the template to save faculty valuable time.

*Meeting QM's accessibility Standards does not guarantee or imply that specific country/federal/state/local accessibility regulations are met. Please consult with an accessibility specialist to ensure that accessibility regulations are met (Quality Matters Rubric Standards).

Apply to have a QM Fundamentals Course Review if:

  1. You have completed ATC's Designing a Quality Online Course
  2. Your course is in the ATC course design template or a similarly approved course template

What is in it for YOU?

  1. If your course meets standards in a QM Fundamentals course review, you will receive a $500 stipend and a QM Fundamentals Certificate.
  2. Ultimately, you will have a better, higher quality course for you and your students. 


Contact Cindy Mersereau at cmersereau@uwf.edu if you have any questions about QM Fundamentals.

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