QM Course Recertifications

The Quality Matters certification that a course meets QM Standards expires after five years or when the course goes through a re-design. This page provides information on the Quality Matters Course Re-certification Process.

Once a Quality Matters certification expires, the course is removed from the roster of certified courses on the Quality Matters website, and the sponsoring Institution is notified to remove the QM Certification Mark from the course and any Institution references.

This policy is based on the fact that the Quality Matters Rubric will have undergone substantial change over a five-year period and on the expectation that the course itself has (or should have) undergone substantial change, based on enhancements to technology, newer instructional materials, etc.  In cases where a certified course may have undergone major change sooner than five years after QM certification, a Recertification Review should be conducted at that time.


QM Policy on Course Recertifications

If you wish to renew the Quality Matters certification of your course after the five-year certification has expired, this may be accomplished in conducting an expedited Recertification Review.

QM provides advance notice of courses that met QM Rubric Standards more than 5 years ago and are only eligible to carry the QM Certification Mark upon successful re-review.  Such courses will appear again in the QM registry in the year they were re-certified.

Steps in the expedited review:

  1. The QM Coordinator completes the online Course Review Application. 
  2. The Course Representative completes the online Course Worksheet. The institution also provides access to a current instance of the course.
  3. The CRM assigns the review to an external, currently certified, Quality Matters Master Reviewer with relevant subject matter expertise.
  4. The assigned Master Reviewer holds a conference call with the Course Representative to gain a better understanding of how the course has evolved and is currently being delivered.
  5. The Master Reviewer conducts an expedited review of the entire course.  The course must meet all of the essential standards in the current edition of the rubric and achieve the necessary points required.  The course, in its entirety, must meet all of the essential standards in the current edition of the Rubric and achieve at least 84 out of 99 points possible (85%).
  6. The QM Master Reviewer submits the Final Report identifying any recommended changes to meet current QM Standards.  If the course is determined to meet current QM Standards, QM will issue an additional three-year certification.
  7. If the QM Master Reviewer concludes that changes are needed for the course to meet current QM standards, the course may be re-submitted within thirty days of the Final Report submission for approval of amendments made.  The Course Representative will complete the online Amendment Form once changes have been made in the course. If the revised course is deemed to meet current QM Standards, an additional three-year certification is issued by QM.
  8. Once a course has had one expedited review and has carried a subsequent Certification Mark for three years, a new full review is required after that eight-year period.

For questions regarding QM course recertifications, contact Cindy Mersereau at cmersereau@uwf.edu.