List of QM-Recognized Courses

Faculty may submit their course for a QM peer review for an opportunity to be recognized both internally among their peers at UWF, as well as externally recognized and featured on Quality Matters Website.

‌Internally certified courses are awarded the UWF Quality Course Seal.

Full-time faculty and adjuncts are eligible to apply for official Quality Matters certification of their fully-online or blended courses once they meet expectations in an internal course review conducted by QM-trained faculty peer reviewers here at UWF. To meet quality expectations, a course must meet all of the Essential Standards (3-point standards) in the QM Rubric AND achieve a score of at least 81 out of 95 possible points. You may request a fully-annotated copy of the QM Rubric from Cindy Mersereau ( or ext 3291).

This site features faculty whose online courses that have achieved internal certification, external certification or both! Congratulations to our featured faculty for their achievements of excellence and quality in online course design! We are proud of you! If you are interested in submitting your online or blended course for a QM peer review, contact Cindy Mersereau at

‌Official QM-certified (external) courses are awarded a the QM Seal and are listed in QM's national database of quality online courses.


List of Quality Matters Certified Courses

Courses Recognized in 2014

July 2013 - June 2015

Courses certified between July 2013 - June 2014

Courses are listed in order of the most recent certification dates.

Penelope Mitchell
- Cartographic Skills and Lab
Internal Certification Date: 6/24/2014
External Certification Date: 

Amber Bloechle
Environmental Studies, CAS 
- Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Lab
Internal Certification Date: 6/17/2014
External Certification Date: 

Marcia Dove
Hospitality, Recreation & Resort Management, COPS
- Conventions, Facilities and Meetings Management
Internal Certification Date: 6/16/2014
External Certification Date: 

Lori Smailes
Faculty Associate
Computer Science, CAS 
- Software Test and Verification
Internal Certification Date: 6/16/2014
External Certification Date: 

Dr. Alexis Janosik
Biology, CAS
- Fundamentals of Ecology
Internal Certification Date: 6/6/2014
External Certification Date: 

Dr. Anita Solarski
Teacher Education, COPS
- Instructional Management and Assessment
Internal Certification Date: 4/9/2014
External Certification Date: 6/3/2014

Gina Cestaro
Art, CAS
ARH1010 - Introduction to Art History
Internal Certification Date: 4/3/2014 
External Certification Date: 6/2/2014

Carolyn Mc Duff
Computer Science, CAS
CGS3604 -
Applications of Information Technology
Internal Certification Date: 4/4/2014 
External Certification Date: 5/16/2014

Timothy Roberts
History, CAS
AMH2010 - U.S. to 1877
Internal Certification Date: 5/15/2014

Dr. Dallas Snider
Assistant Professor
Computer Science, CAS
COP5775 - Database Administration
Internal certification date: 11/27/13 
External certification date: 4/11/14

Dr. Dione King
Assistant Professor
Social Work, COPS
SOW5990 - Domestic Violence and Social Work Practice
Internal certification date: 12/30/13
External certification date: 4/8/14

Dr. Nicholas Power
Associate Professor
Philosophy, CAS‌
PHM 4020 - Philosophy of Sex and Love
Internal certification date: 2/10/14
External certification date: 4/3/2014‌‌

Dr. Lisa Blalock
Assistant Professor
Psychology, CAS 
- Research Methods in Psychological Science I
Internal Certification Date: 4/2/2014
External Certification Date: 

Lori Smailes
Faculty Associate
Computer Science, CAS
CEN 6074 - Software Assurance
Internal certification date: 12/18/13 
External certification date: 3/17/14

Dr. Sheila Dunn
Program Director, Assistant Professor ‌
Music, CAS
MUH 3990 - Women in Popular Music
Internal certification date: 2/17/14 
External certification date: ‌‌‌‌

June Watkins, Instructional Designer and QM Scholar,
Academic Technology Center
& Dr. Nancy Hastings, Assistance Professor
Instructional and Performance Technology - COPS
ATC102 - Teaching a Quality Online/Blended Course
External certification date: 1/31/14

Dr. Tressa Kelly
Communication Arts, CAS
SPC4710 - Intercultural Communication
Internal certification date: 10/9/13 
External certification date: 11/26/13

Chasidy Fisher Hobbs
Environmental Studies, CAS
 - Physical Geography Online
Internal certification date: 9/30/13 
External certification date: 11/7/13

Amber Bloechle
Environmental Studies, CAS
 - Cartographic Skills + Lab
Internal certification date: 10/28/13

Aileen Trotter
Computer Science, CAS
 - Excursions in Computing
External certification date: 9/30/13

Dr. Enid Sisskin
Master of Public Health, SAHLS, CAS
 - Introduction to Public Health
Internal certification date: 9/25/13

Karen Barth and Cindy Mersereau
Academic Technology Center
 - Designing a Quality Online/Blended Course
External certification date: 9/3/13

Dr. Wilbur Hugli
Faculty Associate
Environmental Science, CAS
 - Weather and Climate w/Lab
Internal certification date: 6/11/13
External certification date: 8/8/13

Courses certified between July 2012 - June 2013

Dr. Laura White
Associate Professor
Computer Science, CAS

CGS2060 - Excursions in Computing
Internal certification date: 6/11/13

Dr. Richard Faessel
School of Education, COPS

EDF1005 - Introduction to Education
Internal certification date: 1/26/13
External certification date: 3/15/13

June Watkins
Philosophy Department, CAS

REL3213 - Hebrew Scriptures
Internal certification date: 11/29/12
External certification date: 1/23/13

Chasidy Fisher Hobbs 
Environmental Studies, CAS

GEO2330- Environmental Science
Internal certification date: 11/14/12
External certification date: 1/8/13

Dr. Melissa Stewart
Faculty Associate
Government, CAS

POS2041 - American Politics
Internal certification date: 10/26/12
External certification date: 1/24/13

Dr. Wilbur Hugli 
Faculty Associate
Environmental Science, CAS

GEA2000 - Nations and Regions of the World
Internal certification date: 3/14/12
External certification date: 5/29/12

GEO3471 - World Affairs (Blended)
Internal certification date: 9/4/12
External certification date: 11/19/12

Courses certified between July 2011 - June 2012

Dr. Stacie Whinnery
School of Education, CoPS

EEX4255 - Curriculum for Teaching Students with Exceptionalities
Internal certification date: 12/9/10
External certification date: 1/4/12

Dr. Enid Sisskin
Master of Public Health, SAHLS, CAS

PHC6300 - Survey of Environmental Problems
Internal certification date: 7/9/11
External certification date: 9/12/11

PHC6310 - Environmental Toxicology
Internal certification date: 7/24/11
External certification date: 8/14/11

Dr. Gregory Tomso 
Associate Professor
English and Foreign Languages, CAS

AML2072 - Sex, Money and Power in American Literature
Internal certification date: 6/30/11
External certification date: 9/2/11

Courses certified between July 2010 - June 2011

Dr. Besty Botts
Adjunct Instructor
School of Education, CoPS
Dr. Bill Evans
Director & Professor
School of Education, 

EEX4221C - Evaluation and Prescriptive Instruction for the Exceptional Child
Internal certification date: 2/7/11

Dr. Anita Solarski
School of Education, CoPS

TSL4080 - ESOL Principles and Practices
Internal certification date: 3/3/10
External certification date: 9/10/10

Quality Matters Database of Certified Courses