QM Peer Reviewer

Become a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer

There are two ways you can participate as a QM Peer Reviewer.  See a list of UWF Faculty Peer Reviewers.

  1. You can choose to be an internal peer reviewer, participating on course peer review teams only at UWF.
  2. You can aim to become a Certified QM Peer Reviewer, eligible to participate not only on internal teams, but external course review teams at other institutions across the country.

Both options require some training. All peer reviewers must:

  1. Complete the two-week online Applying the Quality Matters Rubric course offered through ATC.
  2. Have Prior training in online teaching: You should have completed training on how to teach in an online setting.
  3. Have Online teaching experience: You should have taught online for more than two academic semesters and have taught within the last 18 months.
  4. Make a Personal Commitment: You are encouraged to volunteer; this is a self-nomination process.
  5. Review online courses using Quality Matters instruments and rubrics. The estimated time for this review is 7-10 hours.
  6. Maintain strict confidentiality about any courses you access during the training or review process, including any student information contained in these courses.
  7. Not change, copy, or modify any internal documents within a course.
  8. Observe copyright laws and respect intellectual property rights of faculty creator of materials.

To become a Certified QM Peer Reviewer, you must:

  1. Complete the two-week online Applying the Quality Matters Rubric course offered through ATC
  2. Complete the two-week online Peer Reviewer Course facilitated by QM, to become a QM Certified Peer Reviewer.
  3. Have taught online within the last 18 months. If not, you must complete the Exemption section of the application documenting your qualifications for being a Peer Reviewer.
  4. Return a signed Memorandum of Understanding.
  5. Allow your name and institution affiliation to be listed on the national Quality Matters website and documents as a selected and/or trained Peer Course Reviewer.

Participating as a QM Certified Peer Reviewer, will allow you to:

  • Gain experience in an external quality assurance process.
  • Expand professional community.
  • Review other courses (internally and externally) and gain new ideas to improve own courses.
  • Enhance professional development plan and portfolio.
  • Receive a modest stipend for each completed peer course review.

If you are interested in becoming a QM-certified Peer Reviewer or have any questions about Quality Matters at UWF, contact Cindy Mersereau at cmersereau@uwf.edu .