ATC Quality Course Incentive Program

ATC’s Quality Course Program is designed to support faculty in producing and delivering quality online and blended courses which meet the nationally recognized standards of Quality Matters (QM). ATC recognizes the time and effort faculty must commit to designing and teaching quality online/blended courses. The professional development courses that make up the Quality Course Incentive Program and faculty must successfully complete at different steps in the program are: 1. Designing a Quality Online Course and 2. Teaching a Quality Online Course 

First Step:

The Quality Foundation: QM Fundamentals - Completion Stipend $500  

A QM Fundamentals course review is recommended for all online courses and is the first step in the ATC Quality Course Program. Any online course which successfully meets the requirements for QM Fundamentals already meets 75% of the requirements for a full QM course certification and fulfills the QM Fundamentals review requirements (below). Faculty will receive $500 incentive for the successful completion of the following in order:

  1. Review the Build-a-Course Workshop (always available in eLearning)
  2. Completion of the Designing a Quality Online Course (4-week fully online course)
  3. Academic department chair approval of course instructor selected for QM Fun review
  4. New or revised online course that successfully meets a QM Fundamentals course review.  Review teams are made up of two QM-trained faculty members or one faculty member and an ATC instructional designer.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to the new focus on Quality and the requirement for hundreds of online courses to meet standards in a Quality Matters Fundamentals Review, external QM certifications (Second Step Options below) will be secondary until the Canvas implementation is complete.


Completion Stipend $1500

This option is Recommended For All Faculty.

Faculty will receive an additional $1500 incentive for the successful completion of the following in order:

  1. Completion of the Teaching a Quality Online Course (6-week fully online course)
  2. The same course that successfully met QM Fundamental review standards is submitted for and successfully completes an official QM course certification

The Fine Print

Faculty may receive the initial $2000 only once, after their first course reviewed meets QM certification standards. Online faculty who have successfully completed either option of the ATC Quality Course Program should continue to submit additional online courses for the QM Fun review ($500 stipend). An additional $500 stipend will be paid for each successful QM Certification review for a total of $1000 for each online course passing both reviews. 

Any faculty member may still complete the “Quality Online Instructor Certificate” program even if they have no course to submit for a QM review.

Note: Due to changes by the State of Florida regarding extra state compensation to faculty, faculty must move through the program in the sequence listed above. By starting with the ATC online courses faculty reduce the chance that their compensation will be delayed or denied.

Is Your Course Ready for a QM Review?

ATC encourages faculty to use the QM Self-Review tool, which allows users to conduct reviews of their own courses, prior to submitting their courses for certifications. Use of the Self-Review tool exposes faculty to the Rubric (if they are not already familiar with it) and may encourage one to make improvements to the course before the review even begins.  This video shows how to access and use the Self-Review tool.

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