Quality Course Descriptions

ATC offers professional development courses for faculty that are facilitated by experienced UWF online faculty/Quality Matters Scholars.

Quality Online Instructor Certificate

Course Descriptions

The Quality Online Instructor Certificate

Completing both the Designing and Teaching a Quality Online/Blended courses awards the "Quality Online Instructor Certificate" and prepares a course for a QM Certification Review (ATC Quality Course Incentive Program).

Designing a Quality Online/Blended Course (6-week, fully online course in eLearning)

This course requires about 3-5 hours per week to complete.  This course is for all faculty who plan to develop an online or blended course. The purpose of this course is to facilitate faculty's online/blended course design and development process. The course facilitator works collaboratively with faculty to help translate a traditional course to an appropriate online/blended model, accomplishing the same instructional goals and objectives. Successful completion of Designing a Quality Online Course is the foundational first step for online faculty participating in the ATC Quality Course Incentive Program. This course focuses on:

  • Understanding the QM rubric
  • Understanding Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • Planning your online/blended course
  • Designing your course in eLearning
  • Online assessments
  • Student engagement strategies

Designing a Quality Online/Blended Course was awarded Quality Matters certification for successfully meeting quality expectations for a Continuing & Professional Development course.

Teaching a Quality Online/Blended Course (6-week, fully online course in eLearning)

This course requires about 3-5 hours per week to complete. The purpose of this course is to facilitate the implementation of instructional strategies that have been proven through research to be essential to successful online/blended teaching.  Successful completion of Teaching a Quality Online Course is necessary for online faculty to earn the maximum incentive available through the ATC Quality Course Incentive Program (Option 1). This course focuses on:

  • Facts and fallacies of online/blended education
  • Instructor roles and responsibilities in the online/blended classroom
  • Instructor communication/feedback
  • Facilitating interaction/instructor presence
  • Online learning communities
  • Effective time management
  • Bells and whistles/course technology

Teaching a Quality Online/Blended Course was awarded Quality Matters certification for successfully meeting quality expectations for a Continuing & Professional Development course.‌

Improving Your Online Course (2-week, fully online course in Moodle)

This course requires about 8-10 hours per week to complete.  The purpose of this course it to explore the QM Rubric and provide a framework to improve the quality of an online/blended course. Participants use the QM Rubric to review an existing course and redevelop it based upon the eight general standards of the rubric. Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) is for experienced online faculty (taught 2 semesters online) who want to modify an existing online course for the QM Fun Review and potentially QM Certification Review (Option 2)Note: Successful completion of Designing a Quality Online Course is highly recommended to facilitate timely completion of a QM Fun and QM Certification Course ReviewsThis course focuses on:

  • Recognizing QM’s foundational concepts.
  • Using their own online or blended course to which they will apply the essential Standards of the Quality Matters Rubric.
  • Describing the alignment of at least one module/unit in their online course.
  • Prioritizing improvements to their online course.


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Quality Online Instructor Certificates Awarded

Summer 2016

  1. John Batchelor
  2. Kari Clifton
  3. Karen Evans
  4. James Hagan
  5. Anne Henderson
  6. Stuart Hongnhung
  7. Ying Huang
  8. Valerie Morganson
  9. Jasara Norton
  10. Eddie Parent
  11. Cassandra Pristas

Spring 2016

  1. Helena Allman
  2. Diane Bagwell
  3. Wayne Bennett
  4. Andrew Denney
  5. Nicole Everette
  6. Michelle Gaudette
  7. Sherry Hartnett
  8. Susie Jans-Thomas
  9. Lane Lambert
  10. Svetlana Mett
  11. Amitabh Mishra
  12. John Morgan
  13. Anthony Okafor
  14. Carla Quinn
  15. Martha Saunders
  16. Kellie Sparks
  17. Leauna Stone
  18. Melanie Sutton
  19. Carla Thompson
  20. Rachel Truxell



Past Semesters

Fall 2015
  1. Gabriela Bustamante
  2. Heather Donofrio
  3. Nancy Edele
  4. Keri Haley
  5. Rebecca McBride
  6. Salina Randall
  7. Amanda Ziegler
Summer 2015
  1. Robert Byrer
  2. Laura Dees
  3. Byron Havard
  4. Barbara Larson
  5. Jeremy Phillips
  6. Keith Whinnery
  7. Stacie Whinnery
Spring 2015
  1. Bruce Davidson
  2. Laura Flaniken
  3. Cynthia Golden
  4. Bethany Miller
  5. Michael Payne
  6. Cary Taylor
Fall 2014
  1. Jerusha Brown
  2. Lisa Burner
  3. Jeffrey Ezell
  4. Frank Ferdik
  5. Trudi Gaines
  6. Laura Herbek
  7. Eileen Sousa
  8. Richard Sweetman
  9. Joy Valerio-Faessel
  10. Barbara White
  11. Judy Young
Summer 2014
  1. Kristie Abston
  2. Ron Belter
  3. Crystal Bennett
  4. Rachel Casady
  5. Cynthia Catellier
  6. Nathanael Fisher
  7. Julie Gray
  8. Richard Hawkins
  9. David Miller
  10. Fiona Mowbray
  11. Andrea Nelson
Spring 2014
  1. Amber Bloechle
  2. Amy Bowman
  3. Cary Brown
  4. Michelle Curry
  5. Nicholette Floyd
  6. Lior Flum
  7. Richard Fountain
  8. Susan Harrell
  9. Eleanor Lewis
  10. Brittney Markle
  11. Bernd Owsnicki-Klewe
  12. Susan Randolph
  13. Rebecca Smith
  14. Sherry Starling
  15. Brandy Strahan
  16. Jennifer Taylor
  17. Carlene Thornton
  18. Nancy Virgilio
Fall 2013


  1. Lisa Blalock
  2. John Bratten
  3. Katelyn Cleary
  4. Justin Davis
  5. Faith Garrett
  6. Jessica Gladstone
  7. Natalie Goulette
  8. Dianne Harris
  9. Lela Hobby
  10. William Huth
  11. Carolyn McDuff
  12. Pamela Meyers
  13. Kathy Reid
  14. Jill Van Der Like
  15. Aletheia Zambesi
Summer 2013
  1. Monica Beck
  2. Lynette Bledsoe
  3. Maria Burns
  4. Gina Cestaro
  5. Amanda Cullen
  6. Marcia Dove
  7. Holly Ellis
  8. Roz Fisher
  9. Valerie George
  10. Bilal Gonen
  11. Rodney Guttmann
  12. Alexis Janosik
  13. Kathy Johnson
  14. Shari Johnson
  15. Tressa Kelly
  16. Dione King
  17. Meiga Loho Noya
  18. Penelope Mitchell
  19. Jeanette Plodek
  20. Nicholas Power
  21. Chandra Prayaga
  22. Lakshmi Prayaga
  23. Katelynn Riesenberg
  24. Dallas Snider
  25. Linda Tibbits
  26. Xuan Tran
  27. Kristine Weglarz
Spring 2013
  1. Michele Anthony
  2. Steve Bridges
  3. Melissa Brode
  4. Dawn Fountain
  5. Caroll Hobbs
  6. Robert Isosaari
  7. Lesley Keck
  8. Melinda Lewis
  9. Sheila Murphy
  10. Tonya Nascimento
  11. Erika Phan-Lung
  12. Celeste Romp
  13. Anita Solarski
  14. Aileen Trotter
  15. Karen Valaitis
Fall 2012
  1. Valencia Davis
  2. Jessica Guthrie
  3. Preston Obray
  4. John Pecore
  5. Michael Trevathan
Summer 2012
  1. James Dickson
  2. Patricia Malley
  3. Melissa Stewart
  4. Debra Vinci
Spring 2012
  1. Karen Barth
  2. Angela Blackburn
  3. Karla Caillouet
  4. Maria (Pilar) Cortes
  5. Elizabeth (Anne) Henderson
  6. Kjersten Holden
  7. Wil Hugli
  8. Kevin Krieger
  9. Kathryn (Leah) Lewis
  10. Bethany Lohmiller
  11. Rebecca McBride
  12. Cindy Mersereau
  13. Patricia Posey-Goodwin
  14. Leauna Stone
  15. Melissa Venezia
  16. Jun Wei
Fall 2011
  1. Monica Beck
  2. Linda-Suzanne Borgen
  3. Eric Bostwick
  4. Sara Evans
  5. Michelle Gaudette
  6. Chasidy Hobbs
  7. Maureen Howard
  8. Giang-Nguyen Nguyen
  9. Petra Schuler
  10. Lori Smailes
  11. Jamie Snyder
  12. Doug Waggle
  13. June Watkins
Summer 2011
  1. Jack Azzaretto
  2. Enid Sisskin