ATC Quality Course Program = $$$

In an effort to continually improve online and blended courses at UWF, the Academic Technology Center (ATC) provides an exciting financial incentive for faculty who teach fully-online courses.

An incentive program for faculty!

ATC recognizes the time and effort faculty must commit to designing and teaching quality online/blended courses. This development effort is further increased if the course is expected to meet expectations for a Quality Matters (QM) internal or external review. To compensate faculty for their time and effort, faculty (full-time faculty and adjuncts) will receive $2000 for the successful completion of all of the following in order:

  1. Designing a Quality Online Course (6-week fully online course)*
  2. Teaching a Quality Online Course (6-week fully online course)*
  3. Academic department chair approval of course instructor selected for QM review
  4. New or revised online course that successfully meets expectations of a QM internal review

*These courses should be completed in order and successful completion of both is required before pursuing the QM review.

Note: Due to changes by the State of Florida regarding extra state compensation to faculty, faculty must move through the program in the sequence listed above. By starting with the ATC online courses faculty reduce the chance that their compensation will be delayed or denied.

Is Your Course Ready for a QM Review?

Use this Preparing for a QM Review checklist Preparing for QM Review to determine if your course is ready for a review.

The Fine Print

Faculty may receive the $2000 only once. However, faculty who meet internal QM review standards for additional online courses will receive a $750 payment per course.

Any faculty member may still complete the “Quality Online Instructor Certificate” program even if they have no course to submit for a QM review.


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