The text instructions for accessing Canvas on this webpage.

How to Get Started in Canvas

As faculty at UWF you have access to 24/7 phone and chat support from Canvas, right from your browser. You also have access to unlimited training content through Canvas Guides. Here is how to access video tutorials for Instructors through the guides. 

1. From your dashboard, choose the question mark that is the last option in the left vertical menu. This opens your multiple help options, including accessing 24/7 phone and chat support. To access the Canvas Guides choose the first option “Search the Canvas Guides.”

2. Scroll down and choose the last option “Video Guide.”

3. Click on the “Instructors” option in the table of contents. This will take you to a list of videos detailing how to begin working in Canvas. 

Direct Link to Canvas Guides. 

ATC suggests starting with the following Videos(and content):

  1. User Dashboard (opens in new window) 
  2. Create Pages (opens in new window) 
  3. Create Modules (opens in new window) 
  4. Add Files (opens in new window) 
  5. Create Assignments (opens in new window) 
  6. Create Discussions (opens in new window) 
  7. Gradebook Overview (opens in new window) 
  8. Quiz Creation (opens in new window) 



Features include a cleaner interface, easier building experience, and SpeedGrader. Students report increased satisfaction due to hypothetical grades, a superior mobile app, and simplified group work.


Get Ready

ATC offers training opportunities in multiple formats: text-based documentation, face-to-face sessions with an instructional designer, group training classes, Live@Lunch 1-hour webinars, and video-based training.

Training Resources


ATC has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you with the transition to Canvas. If you have questions please visit here before emailing

F.A.Q. List


The Academic Technology Center (ATC) provides faculty support and training programs in support of excellence in online curriculum and instruction.  

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