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This iPad app was created thanks to combined effort of School of Education, Academic Technology Center,Computer Science Department, Department of Arts and North Carolina State University

App helps students (grades 3-6) with learning concepts of fractions. What distincts the app from others is that is aligned with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Teachers and students could use this app for teaching and learning of concept of fractions. It's currently available on the app store.

National Flight Academy

The Academic Technology Center worked with the National Flight Academy to create the best next gen game that teaches the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with an immersive, hands-on approach that reaches far beyond the traditional academic experience. Students in 7th-12th grades spend 5½ days undergoing an intensive course that combines classroom fundamentals with virtual reality. In this high-tech adventure like no other, students-dubbed Aviators-join a squadron and immediately begin planning and executing missions based on real-world events.

Fast-paced, aviation-based missions challenge and inspire the Aviators on a wide range of topics, from basic three-dimensional physics and motion to more advanced concepts of aeronautical engineering and propulsion systems. These missions all play into enhancing the Aviators' education, ultimately enriching their understanding of STEM principles.

The National Flight Academy, LLC, a subsidiary of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, is an educational activity authorized but not endorsed or financially supported by the United States Navy. The NFA is a self-supporting, tuition-based educational program.

Afghanistan Web

Operation Culture Awareness Training Afghanistan

The purpose of the Afghanistan Culture Awareness Training is to familiarize U.S. military operators with the values, beliefs, behaviors and norms of modern Afghanistan, so they may understand and anticipate societal norms and behaviors of the people of Afghanistan.

The intent is to minimize culture shock and increase the mission effectiveness of U.S. military personnel operating in the region. Visit the website to see the demo of Afghanistan course.

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Physics Preparation App

App Store Badge‌This app collaborative project of the Academic Technology Center and Physics departments of the University of West Florida. It is designed as a review of basic skills for calculus based introductory courses in physics and engineering. For best results, view the video before answering the practice questions.

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Construction Specifications Institute App

App Store Badge‌The Construction Specifications Institute offers the Construction Documents Technologist certification. The University of West Florida offers a preparatory course for their BCN students in a fast-paced intense learning. The questions contained in the app provides a continual study aid that can supplement the coursework; however, for those that aren't taking the course, it can provide a great 'test' after reading the Project Delivery Practice Guide (PDPG). All questions were created from the content within the chapters of the PDPG. Additionally, this app provides an audio version that you can listen to when you do not have the luxury of viewing the screen.


Operation Culture Awareness Training Pakistan

The purpose of the Pakistan Culture Awareness Training training is to familiarize U.S. personnel with the values, beliefs, behaviors and norms of modern Pakistan, so they may understand and anticipate societal norms and behaviors of the people of Pakistan.

The intent is to minimize culture shock and increase the mission effectiveness of U.S. personnel operating in the region.

See the demo of Pakistan course.

Arabic Language and Culture Certificate

This innovative certificate in Arabic Language and Culture is a 12‐hour undergraduate program designed for beginning students to develop their knowledge through listening, speaking, reading and writing. This certificate program incorporates the five C's (Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons and Communities) set forth in Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, 2006, which is endorsed by the National Capital Language Resource Center and the American Association of Teachers of Arabic. It is intended for students with no experience in the Arabic language. Successful completion of the first two courses in this certificate (ARA1120C and 1121C) satisfy Florida's foreign language admission requirement. 

For more information about this certificate program, please e‐mail arabic@uwf.edu or call 850.473.7209

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Educational Games and Simulations

The "Best Case Challenge" is an interactive simulation designed to provide child welfare staff with skill‐building tools for conducting optimum home visits. The goal is to move the home visit experience beyond the minimum required and to engage the family using advanced interviewing skills.

Visit the website to play the simulation created by ATC.