Academic Technology Center

Academic Technology Center

The Academic Technology Center (ATC) is committed to UWF’s primary mission of student access and success by providing high quality faculty support and training programs that promote excellence in online curriculum and instruction. ATC also serves as a catalyst for the application of new technologies to support the variety of distance learning strategies needed to meet the diverse needs of the students we serve.

We are a Faculty Support Center

‌ATC supports faculty in the design, development, implementation and continuous improvement of quality online and blended courses at UWF. There is substantial research to indicate what constitutes best practices in online/blended course design and delivery to achieve good student learning outcomes and satisfaction. Organizations, such as Quality Matters, the Online Learning Consortium, and Educause promote research and best practice for online teaching and learning. 

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Recently Certified Courses

  • Melissa Brode, Director

    MBA Program

    GEB5930: Information Resources and Industry Analysis

    10/11/2016 - QM Fundamentals Review


  • Susan Harrell, J.D. Law

    Associate Professor, Legal Studies

    PLA3021 Law in Film: Fact or Fiction



  • Linda Tibbits, MA, RN

    Lecturer and RN to BSN Program Coordinator

    NUR 4286 - Gerontological Nursing

    9/26/16 (QM)


  • Byron Havard, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, Instructional Workforce & Applied Technology

    EME6415 - Digital Video for Instruction



  • Amber Bloechle, MS

    Director, Environmental Studies

    GIS5935 - Special Topics in Geographic Information Science



  • Dr. Denice Curtis

    Assistant Professor, Public Health, Clinical & Health Sciences

    PHC5050 - Biostatistics for Public Health

    9/4/16 QM

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