Academic Technology Center

Academic Technology Center

The Academic Technology Center operates under the auspices of the UWF IT Strategic Plan with the mission of ensuring quality distance and distributed teaching and learning at the University of West Florida. The Academic Technology Center serves as a catalyst for the application of new technologies to support teaching, learning, and creative expression.

We are a Faculty Support Center

ATC supports faculty in the design, development, implementation and continuous improvement of quality online and blended courses at UWF. There is substantial research to indicate what constitutes best practices in online/blended course design and delivery to achieve good student learning outcomes and satisfaction. Organizations, such as Quality Matters, the Sloan Consortium, and Educause promote research and best practice for online teaching and learning. 

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ADA Compliance Webinar - Recorded 9/4/15

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Quality Matters - Recently Certified Courses

  • Jamie Snyder, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

    CCJ4700 - Research Design in Criminal Justice



  • Cynthia Golden, Ed.D.

    Adjunct Instructor, TEEL

    EEX6612 - Behavior Management



  • Sherry Starling

    Environmental Sciences

    EVR 4823 - Environmental Impact Assessment


  • Tressa Kelly, Ph.D.

    Lecturer, Comm. Arts

    SPC 4540 - Propaganda and Persuasion

    9/18/15 (QM)


  • Karen Valaitis, MBA

    Lecturer, SAHLS

    HSA4340: Personnel Administration in Health Care

    8/29/15 (QM)


  • Holly Ellis, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor, Instructional, Workforce and Applied Technology

    EME6317 - Instructional Technology for Educational Leaders

    8/28/15 (QM)


  • Trudi Gaines, Ed.D.

    Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

    EDF3234 - Applied Foundations of Education

    8/25/15 (QM)


  • Frank Ferdik, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

    CCJ3024 - American Justice System

    8/21/15 (QM)


  • Amy Bowman-McElhone, MA

    Instructor, Art

    ARH 2051 - Western Survey II: Baroque to Contemporary

    7/11/2015 (QM)

See more QM-Certified Courses here


The AskATC knowledge base has been created to answer your questions about designing, developing, implementing, and teaching online courses. 

eLearning Guide: Visit D2L's Version 10.3 Guide to learn more about tools available for you in eLearning.

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