Creative Collaborative Open For Business

February 16, 2018 | J. Read Bell |

Logo for the Creative Collaborative team in black

Mission, Vision, Values

What We Do (Mission)

We develop marketing and communications strategies and collateral for the Division of Academic Engagement and the Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs.

  • Manage and maintain a consistent image and brand for each division that aligns with the overall institution brand
  • Enhance visibility of all departments within each division
  • Enhance media relations and exposure
  • Develop internal and external marketing communications collateral to meet the needs of both divisions
  • Develop web initiatives, optimize and maintain a strong online presence, generate timely and engaging digital content, and develop digital media strategies
  • Coordinate, provide support, and promote special events
  • Provide support to the Vice Presidents' Offices
  • Assess the marketing and communications collateral on an ongoing basis
  • Construct and deploy marketing/communication needs assessments for clients
  • Develop and train student employees and interns
  • Coordinate vendor selection and procurement
  • Provide ongoing training opportunities for faculty, staff, and/or graduate assistants within the divisions

What We See (Vision)

  • We create consistent and cutting-edge marketing and communications collateral with purpose.

What We Value (Values)

  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Consistency
  • Stewardship