Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI)

Teaching is imperative to the mission of the University of West Florida and, thus, its effectiveness must be assessed.

Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) now online

Beginning Fall 2014, the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) evaluations will be offered exclusively in online format. The evaluation period begins three weeks prior to the course end date displayed in Classmate, and ends on the course end date as defined in Banner. Instructors and students will be notified by email when the evaluation period begins. When the evaluation period is in effect, an indicator will be displayed in Classmate.

Students who have not completed their evaluation(s) one week prior to the course end date will receive email reminders. Students can access the Student Assessment of Instruction through the email they receive or through MyUWF with the ‘My Classes’ or ‘Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI)’ apps.

Instructors will be able to track the number/percentage of students who have completed course evaluations throughout the evaluation period and access the results typically on the day after semester grades are submitted via the ‘SAI Results’ app in MyUWF. The instructor app will be available in early December.

The following information, and instructions, can be accessed in Confluence:

Technical problems should be referred to the ITS Help Desk (474-2075). Other questions and issues should be referred to Judy Jones ( or 474-2501).