Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI)

Teaching is imperative to the mission of the University of West Florida and, thus, its effectiveness must be assessed.

Student Assessment of Instruction (SA) now online

Help build a better UWF.

At UWF our mission is to provide students with high-quality, relevant learning experiences. Student input on their instructors’ teaching helps UWF achieve its mission and continually improve the courses offered.

The online Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI), which launched in Fall 2014, gives students the chance to evaluate all their instructors for the semester. You can complete the assessment from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

When are the assessments due?

We open the Student Assessment of Instruction to students three weeks prior to the last day of class. You will receive an email notice of when the assessments are ready for your input. To see the deadlines for your courses, go to My Classes on

Who sees the completed assessments?

SAI reports are not available to the instructor until the evaluation period has closed. Each instructor can see aggregated data from numeric scores. Any comments provided by students have identifiers removed so that the comment cannot be traced to a specific student.

Your feedback provides valuable information that improves the high-quality, relevant learning experiences for students.

What happens if I don’t complete the SAIs before the deadline?

Starting Spring 2016, all students must complete an SAI for each faculty member/class. We will send you several reminders to ensure you have time to complete the SAIs for your classes. If you do not complete the assessments by the deadline, your final grades and official transcripts will be unavailable.

How much time will it take to complete an SAI?

There are 18 questions that ask for a ranking from poor to excellent plus a place to put written comments. Once you click submit, the assessment is completed.

How will I know my assessment has been successfully submitted?

After you click submit, the main page will give you a message that the evaluation has been successfully submitted.

When do instructors see the reports?

A report of the completed assessments for each class is made available to instructors after the evaluation period for that term has closed.

I’m in a small class. Will my instructor be able to tell who made specific comments?

Only courses with five or more registered students require students to complete an SAI. If your course has four or fewer students, you have the option to complete an SAI, with or without comments.

The following information, and instructions, can be accessed in Confluence:

Technical problems should be referred to the ITS Help Desk (474-2075). Other questions and issues should be referred to Judy Jones ( or 474-2501).