Academic Affairs Spring Staff Symposium

The Symposium is co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Academic Affairs Staff Development Council.

2017 Spring Staff Symposium

Friday, March 17, 2017
9:00 - 11:30 am
Pensacola Campus, Conference Center A, B, & C

On behalf of Interim Provost George Ellenberg, you are invited to the Division of Academic Affairs 2017 Spring Staff Symposium. This event is an educational and informative opportunity to bring together workforce and OPS staff across the division. Divisional staff awards will also be presented.

The Symposium will take place on Friday, March 17, from 9:00 – 11:30 am in Conference Center A, B, & C. A light breakfast will be available beginning at 8:00 am in the Conference Center Lobby/Lounge.

President Martha Saunders will give a brief welcome and Interim Provost George Ellenberg will provide an update on happenings within the division and university. Special guest Dr. Gale Workman will give a presentation entitled "Work The Room Like You Own It."

Our goal is 100 percent participation and all Division of Academic Affairs workforce and OPS staff are highly encouraged to attend. Department roll call will be conducted at the beginning. Also, please remember to wear your name badge.

Academic Affairs Divisional Staff Awards Program
You are also invited to let us know of staff members who deserve praise for going above and beyond the call of work duty or have contributed through civic, professional or community engagement. These staff will be recognized during the "Accolades and Accomplishments" section. Up to 5 winners will also be selected from these submissions to receive a special Golden Recognition Award (includes a certificate and $100).

We want pictures of you! Help us get to know you better and send in your pictures to These pictures will be shown at the Symposium.

Door Prizes!
Door Prizes will drawn at the end of the event. 

Please click here to submit your RSVP for the Symposium.
When filling out the form, you will have the opportunity to recognize staff.
Deadline for Staff Recognitions is 5 pm, February 28.

2016 Spring Staff Symposium

Thank you for attending, or watching via webcast, the Division of Academic Affairs 2016 Spring Staff Symposium on Friday, March 18, 2016.

The webcast has been archived and can now be viewed online.

2016 Golden Recognition Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's Golden Recognition Award Winners!

  • Eric Kollar, Director, CEPS Advising Center
  • Lisa Kowalski, Office Administrator, Mathematics
  • Kristen Ledbetter, Office Assistant, Air Force ROTC
  • Kendra Loucks, Student Services Rep, Registrar's Office
  • Kelly McGaughey, Associate Director, Financial Aid
2016 Staff Recognition
Jeff Austin
Brenton Avery
Sarah Banner
Carolyn Beamer
Sharon Bell
Mary Benoit
Devin Blackmarr
Amber Bloechle
Edward Boegle
Carla Bohlman
Sara Brake
Tiffany Braun
Amy Brewer
Jerre Brisky
Melissa Brode
Bernita Bryant
Vance Burgess
Jenae Burkart
Drew Carden
Brenda Carey
John Carey
Nona Castleberry
Cindie Catallier
Laurie Cihota
Colby Cohron
Robin Colson
Katie Condon
Sabra Davidson
Dave Dawson
Michelle Doyle
Stephanie Ellis
Anna Fair
Mandy Fernandez
Jessica Forbes
Sheila Freeman
Owen Gates
Carol Gentry
Julie Glasco
Lori Glaze
Paige Graves
Brenda Groat
Dianne Gross
Gabi Grosse
Paula Harding
Rick Harper
Barry Harvey
Karen Haworth
Carol Heard
Katy Hendry
Mary Holladay
John Inman
ITS Help Desk Staff
Juanita Johns
Kathy Jones
Brooke Karas
Eric Kollar
Lisa Kowalski
Rodger Krull
Kristen Ledbetter
Carolyn Livingston
Kathy Loden
Kendra Loucks
Kelly McGaughey
Kelly McLeod
Cindy Mersereau
Diane Miller
La Rhonda Moneyham
Cheryl Phelps
Genene Poppell
Susan Puckett
Carol Rafalski
Akeem Richard
Marcia Rollins
Hayley Sellers
Laura Sommers
Latrice Soularie
Kilty Spoke
Patti Spaniola
Chuck Stanhope
Morgan Stith
Tanya Streeter
Barbara Thompkins
Don Thompson
Doug Thompson
Sandra Thompson
Jennifer Vallin
Shannon Walden
Debra Walker
Eryka Wallace
Blythe Webster
Shawn Wilson
Christi Woodson

2015 Spring Staff Symposium

Thank you for attending, or watching via webcast, the Division of Academic Affairs 2015 Spring Staff Symposium on March 13, 2015. 

The webcast has been archived and can now be viewed online.

For anyone that did not get a printed copy of the Spring Staff Symposium Booklet, a PDF version is available‌. This also includes the Accolades page at the end.