Administrative Units

Office of the Provost, Division of Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost, Division of Academic Affairs
Dr. George Ellenberg, Provost and Senior Vice President
Dr. Kimberly McCorkle, Interim Vice Provost
Ms. Shelly Blake, Assistant Vice President, Budgets and Financial Planning
ASPIRE (Accreditation, Strategic Planning, and Institutional Reporting & Effectiveness)
ASPIRE (Accreditation, Strategic Planning, and Institutional Reporting and Effectiveness)
Dr. Angela Bryan, Director
Ms. Cynthia Catellier, Assistant Director

Center for Cybersecurity
Center for Cybersecurity
Dr. Eman El-Sheikh, Director
Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CUTLA)
College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
Dr. Steve Brown, Dean
Dr. Jocelyn Evans, Associate Dean
Ms. Katelynn Riesenberg, Assistant Dean
Art Dr. Barbara Larson, Chair
Communication Dr. Kurt Wise, Chair
Division of Anthropology and Archaeology Dr. Elizabeth Benchley, Director
Anthropology Dr. John Bratten, Chair
Archaeology Institute Dr. Elizabeth Benchley, Director
Florida Public Archaeology Network Dr. William Lees, Director
English Mr. John Markowitz, Interim Chair
Government Dr. Michelle Williams, Chair
History Dr. Amy Cook, Chair
Music Dr. Sheila Dunn, Chair
Philosophy Dr. Brian Hood, Chair
Theatre Mr. Charles Houghton, Chair
College of Business
College of Business
Dr. Timothy O'Keefe, Dean
Dr. Eric Bostwick, Associate Dean
Ms. Melissa Brode, Assistant Dean
Accounting and Finance Mr. Rick Fountain, Chair
Florida Small Business Development Center at UWF Mr. Kelly Massey, Director
Global Hospitality and Tourism Management Dr. Chula King, Interim Chair
Management and MIS Dr. Esmail Mohebbi, Chair
Marketing, Supply Chain Logistics, and Economics Dr. Richard Hawkins, Chair
MBA Program Ms. Melissa Brode, Director
College of Education and Professional Studies
College of Education and Professional Studies
Dr. William Crawley, Dean
Dr. Diane Scott, Associate Dean
Dr. Nancy Hastings, Assistant Dean
Dr. Bob Shaw, Assistant Dean
Criminology and Criminal Justice Dr. Diane Scott, Interim Chair
Instructional, Workforce and Applied Technology Dr. Nancy Hastings, Chair
Legal Studies, Public Administration, and Sport Management Dr. Nancy Hastings, interim Chair
Research and Advanced Studies Dr. Francis Godwyll, Chair
ROTC - Air Force LTC Scott Lamont, Chair
ROTC - Army LTC Henry Delacruz, Chair
Social Work Dr. Chathapuram Ramanathan, Chair
Teacher Education and Educational Leadership Dr. Guofang Wan, Chair
Division of Continuing Education
Division of Continuing Education
Ms. Shelly Blake, Assistant Vice President
Ms. Patti Spaniola, Director
Emerald Coast
UWF Emerald Coast
Dr. Melinda Bowers, Director
Graduate School
Graduate School
Dr. Jaromy Kuhl, Interim Dean
Lindsey Norenberg, Director
Mandi Lagergren, Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
Brandon Johnson, Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment and Marketing
Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering
Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering
Dr. Michael Huggins, Dean
Dr. Matthew Schwartz, Associate Dean
Ms. Patrice Moorer, Assistant Dean
Biology Dr. Phil Darby, Chair
Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation Dr. Wade Jeffrey, Director
Chemistry Dr. Alan Schrock, Chair
Computer Science Dr. Thomas Reichherzer, Chair
Earth and Environmental Sciences Dr. Johan Liebens, Chair
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Mohamed Khabou, Chair
Information Technology Dr. Matt Schwartz, Acting Chair
Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Jaromy Kuhl, Chair
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Michael Reynolds, Chair
Physics Dr. Alan Schrock, Chair
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Ms. Melanie Haveard, Executive Director
Ms. Barbara Daley, Director, Enterprise Applications
Mr. Geissler Golding, Director, Infrastructure Services / Chief IT Security Officer
Ms. Sandra Thompson, Director, IT Operations
Institutional Research
Institutional Research
Mr. Keith King, Director
Mr. Christophe Lizen, Associate Director
University Libraries
John C. Pace Library
Mr. Robert Dugan, Dean, University Libraries
Usha Kundu, MD College of Health
Usha Kundu, MD College of Health
Dr. Steve Brown, Interim Dean
Dr. Brandy Strahan, Interim Associate Dean
Dr. Maeghen Kuhn, Assistant Dean
Exercise Science and Community Health Dr. Debra Vinci, Chair
Health Sciences and Administration Dr. Angela Hahn, Chair
Medical Laboratory Sciences Dr. Kristina Behan, Chair
Psychology Dr. Ron Belter, Chair
Public Health Dr. Justic Mbizo, Chair
School of Nursing Dr. Brandy Strahan, Interim Chair

Last Updated: February 1, 2018