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Open SOALab is a collection of software and courseware to assist researchers and educators in studying and teaching Services Oriented Architecture systems

All components of Open SOALab are available for download free of charge.

Development of Open SOALab has been
partially supported by the
University of West Florida Foundation
under the Nystul Eminent Scholar Endowment

Department of Computer Science
University of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida, USA

Computer Science researchers and educators working in the field of Services Oriented Architecture face a common problem: the lack of simple, but completely elaborated composite applications that can be used as examples in research studies or in coursework.

The goal of Open SOALab is to provide a living and growning set of such applications with freely available source code and documentation, consisting of several services that can be downloaded and deployed on one or more nodes. Some student exercises are provided and others can be added. Some initial software tools to aid researchers are also included.

Cloud Computing is a very attractive way of deploying scaleable SOA services. Open SOALab includes a student exercise showing how a composite application may be deployed to a public compute cloud.

We hope to add to Open SOALab as research and educational activities grow at our University and we would welcome suggestions and contributions from sister institutions. Please direct any comments or questions to Norman Wilde.

Resources in Open SOALab:

¤ The Currency Exchange - Description
Description of one small but complete SOA composite application included with Open SOALab.
¤The Hotel Reservations Application - Description
A SOA application that reserves hotel rooms and then uses the currency exchange to pay in different currencies.
¤The WebAutoParts.com Application - Description
A stubbed BPEL application that illustrates the orchestration of commercially available services.
¤The Airline Reservations Services - Description
A collection of interoperable web services using different SOA technologies (Java, PHP, etc.).
¤Deploying Services Using Cloud Computing
A student exercise that teaches how to deploy the Currency Exchange to a public compute cloud.
¤Global Message Tracing
Description of tools included in Open SOALab that allow researchers to collect global message traces of test cases.
¤Download jar Files
Select this link to download the jar files for the Currency Exchange and for other Open SOALab resources.
¤Copyright and Disclaimer of Warranty
Please read our generous Copyright and Disclaimer of Warranty before downloading or using Open SOALab or the Currency Exchange. In using these resources you accept its terms.

Student Honor Roll

We would like to thank the following UWF students who have contributed code and other resources to Open SOALab:

2007, Darcy Lewis and Jesse Jarrell, Currency Exchange broker and bank services
2010, Jack Davis and Juan Gil Restrepo, Hotel Reservations SOA Application
2012, Thomas Russ, Scott McGregor, AirIdentity Service and its documentation
2012, Daniel Duhon, Redneck Riviera Airline Service
2013, Michael McGuire, Airline Authentication Adapter Service
2013, David Hughes, Argonaut Do Not Fly Service


Email suggestions or questions to:
Norman Wilde