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At the moment (June, 2012) the components of RECON4 that are available are:

RECON4 is free and is distributed with both source and object code, but please read the Copyright and Disclaimer of Warranty that you are accepting when you download it.

We do NOT put icons on your desktop, add junk to your start menu, or futz with your computer's registry. You just download the TraceGraph 4 JAR file, unpack it to whatever directory you choose, and look at the file README.txt for instructions on how to get started. To uninstall, just delete everything that you unpacked. README.txt also tells you how to install the Eclipse Plugin.

You may want to consult the following pages:

¤ Signed Jars
Explains the Signed JAR file format used in distributing RECON4, explains how to open the file and gives some security information.

Select File:

TraceGraph 4, File: tg4__20120609.jar
Eclipse Plugin, File: tg4eclipse_4.1.05.jar