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RECON4 is a free toolset to help Software Engineers in understanding and debugging computer programs. It is useful in software maintenance or enhancements, in reusing a program or a class library, and in general in any circumstance in which the Software Engineer needs to understand and make use of unfamiliar code.

RECON4 is a product of the:
Distributed Systems Working Group
Dennis Edwards, Sharon Simmons,
Norman Wilde
Department of Computer Science
University of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida, USA

Some parts of RECON4 are still currently under development, but the key TraceGraph 4 tool for Software Reconnaissance is now available.

¤ RECON4 / TraceGraph 4 Overview
Introduction and overview of the RECON4 tool set and of tool requirements.
¤Software Reconnaissance
The Software Reconnaissance technique for locating code you need to understand, enhance, or fix.
¤Using TraceGraph 4
Tutorial and examples of how to use TraceGraph 4, both alone and with Klocwork or with the Eclipse IDE.
¤Using Instrumentors
Notes on using TraceGraph with different instrumentors. (Page under development)
¤Download a Copy
Download a free JAR'ed copy including documentation and source code.
¤Code Documentation
Design and javadoc code documentation, of use if you are considering enhancing or adapting RECON4.(Page under development)
¤Our Certificate
Our certificate used in signing JAR files. Here is some information on opening JAR files and on the degree of security they provide.
Some of the agencies, companies and individuals who have contributed to the development of the toolset.
¤Copyright and Disclaimer of Warranty
Please read our generous Copyright and Disclaimer of Warranty before downloading or using RECON4. In using RECON4 you accept its terms.

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Norman Wilde