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I am an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy, Religious Studies and Interdisciplinary Humanities, at the The University of West Florida, teaching courses in philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and of late in the philosophy of sex and love; the latest edition of my textbook in that area just came out:

and it makes me happy


A copy of my Curriculum Vitae is linked here. You may e-mail me at

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Classes I teach include:

PHM 3200 Social and Political Philosophy

Traces the development of the liberal tradition from Plato through Hobbes and up to Rawls, as well as its socialist and libertarian critiques. Syllabus

PHI 2603 Ethics and Contemporary Society

Introduces and then applies classical ethical theories of Aristotle, Kant, Mill and of the Natural Law tradition to contemporary controversies such as euthanasia, abortion, and the environment. Syllabus

PHM 4020 Philosophy of Sex & Love

This course will examine philosophical theories of love (comparing and contrasting Platonic and Christian theories). It will also explore some of the philosophical aspects of sexuality, including its conceptual and/or normative connections to love, the nature of sexual perversion, pornography, homosexuality, among other topics. Syllabus

PHI 3670 Ethics

Ethics is the branch of philosophy that attempts to answer the central question here, which is "What determines the standards for right and wrong?" Western philosophers have been discussing this question, and attempting to provide a theoretical foundation for ethics, for over 2000 years. In this course we will trace the historical development of their views. Syllabus


Publications Online

Review of Ann Van Sevenant's "Sexual Outercourse: Philosophy of Lovemaking"

Evolutionary Psychology and Romantic Love

The Freudian Left


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