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There are many practical fields that are open to students of international studies.  As an interdisciplinary program, majors are exposed to a variety of courses from different perspectives.  The overall objective is to train "students of the world," people who think critically about global issues and problems.  Such individuals find opportunities in international business, international organizations, non-profit organizations with a global focus or reach, humanitarian agencies, policy and research think tanks, civil service, the tourism industry, media, and public relations.  The most difficult task for students of International Studies and Political Science generally is marketing themselves to employers.  They have to search for and find the employers that they want to target and this requires research and awareness of possibilities.  They may feel that they do not emerge with obvious transferable skills, as students of accounting or engineering do, because the path is not laid out before them in an X leads to Y leads to Z formula.  This is because the options are more open than in those fields and the reward is there in finding interesting and satisfying work.  Students must be proactive, starting early, to explore different opportunities.  Knowing the types of jobs available helps students to focus their studies and ultimately their job search to find the right position in which to apply their skills in critical thinking, issue and policy analysis, and cross-cultural understanding that are developed in International Studies coursework.  Below are some ideas and sources of advice for students beginning to explore the possibilities for International Studies majors.  We are here to support your endeavors.  Best of luck. 

            -Michelle Hale Williams, International Studies Program Director and Adviser




1) The following website has advice on careers in poli sci generally and may be of use:  http://www.apsanet.org/teach/opps/careerquotations.cfm


** part II. Numbers 1-6 may be useful http://www.apsanet.org/teach/opps/videonotes.cfm


2) Links to job information

             Jobs and Careers in Political Science: American Political Science Association (APSA)


            Resources for Global jobs -posted by U of C Santa Barbara


Career Center for International Studies majors  -posted by Portland State University


General info on international jobs -posted by U of C Santa Barbara


Links to job hunting sites for International Studies jobs


-misc other links:

                        Governmental Agency and Department links

                        links to government info searchable areas

                        NGO links

                        Foreign Policy Association (an NGO) job board




3) Many publications advertise jobs in this field of study, including: The Economist, Foreign Affairs and others



4) Agencies and Groups that do this type of work:

            A.-State Department

                        Internships- state department

                        Career tracks in the Foreign Service

                             *many jobs with Dept of State require the Foreign Service Exam                                                                              

                             *more F.S. Exam advice



            B.- Foreign Policy Association (an NGO) job board


            C.- Center for Strategic and International Studies (a think tank) internships and jobs


             D. -Congressional Research Service job postings


            E. -Federation of American Scientists employment page

                (a think tank committed to lobbying in areas of military security policy, weapons proliferation, intelligence, and wise use of technology)


            E. -Center for the Study of Intelligence (a think tank)


            F. -Non profit Organization Career Center advice and job listings


            G.  Peace Corps information








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