Dr. Schwartz's Teaching

As Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies at UWF, Dr Schwartz teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses, including:

         Physical Geology (GLY 2010) with lab (GLY 2010L)

         Environmental Geology with lab (GLY 3031C)

         Basic Hydrology (GEO 4280) with lab (GEO 4280L)

         Biogeochemistry (GLY4244/5266)

         Geochemistry (GLY4240/5266)

         Senior Seminar (GEO 4332)

         Special Topics in Estuarine Processes (EVR 6930)

         Sampling and Analysis  in Environmental Science (EVR6196C)

Dr. Schwartz also teaches a number of courses in the UWF Oceanography program, a fully online degree.

e-mail Matthew Schwartz at mschwartz (at) uwf.edu