"Enjoying" an initiation ice bath after first dive in DSV Alvin (background) in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific

Matthew Schwartz


Chairperson and

Associate Professor


University of West Florida

Department of Environmental Studies






Getting some exercise aboard RRS Charles Darwin while doing benthic biogeochemistry research in the Arabian Sea





Matt Schwartz received a BS in Geology and a PhD in Marine Studies (Oceanography) before completing postdoctoral positions in undergraduate teaching and marine benthic biogeochemical research. 

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Dr. Schwartz teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Geology, Hydrology, and related topics within the Department of Environmental Studies and participates in the UWF Program in Oceanography, an online undergraduate degree program. 

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Matt is interested in researching estuarine biogeochemical processes, including the effects of submarine groundwater discharge on coastal and estuarine water quality.

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