Research Projects


Comparative Thermal ecology of Gulf pipefish Syngnathus scovelli and Dusky pipefish, Syngnathus floridae.

By: Lois O’Boyle

Photoperiod and temperature effects on physiological cycles in the Atlantic stingray Dasyatis sabina

By: Justin Speaks

Assessing cumulative thermal stress of the Asian swamp eel, Monopterus albus, exposed to various cold temperatures.

By: Ryan Saylor

Text Box: This section will give you an idea of the kind of research the members of our organization undertake. We have several projects currently in progress, most led by graduate students, with undergraduate members providing much needed assistance. But every now and then an undergraduate comes up with a great idea, and we are right behind them to provide support.  Check out our current projects as well as our past projects. You can even download the articles of published research from MERS members. Just click the hotlinked titles!

Utilization and Comparison of Newly Developed Filter-Based PMA Treated Protocol with EPA method 1600 for Water Quality Monitoring

By: Karen Saylor

Is Post-Feeding Thermotaxis Advantageous in Elasmobranchs?

               By: Valentina Di Santo

Temperature and Hypoxia Tolerance in Selected Fishes from a Hyperthermal Rockpool in the Dry Tortugas, with Notes on Diversity and Behavior

              By: Nann Fangue and many other                                                    MERS members

Physiological Tolerance to Hyperthermia and Hypoxia and Effects on Species Richness and Distribution of Rockpool Fishes of Loggerhead Key, Dry Tortugas National Park

      By: Jodie Rummer, and many other                                             MERS members

Critical Thermal Tolerance Polygons of Tropical Marine Fishes from Sulawesi, Indonesia

                         By: John Eme