Using the WEPA Print System


Single-Side Pricing
  Black & White: $.12
  Color: $.52
Duplex Pricing
  Black & White: $.19
  Color: $.83

Accepted Forms of Payment

Logon Information

Before you can print in the library you must know your WEPA user name and password.
UWF Students/Faculty/Staff: Your WEPA username is your UWF e-mail address. Your WEPA password is the same as the password you use to sign into your e-mail or onto other University computers

Guests: Before you can print in the library you should create your own WEPA account. To do this, visit the WEPA website and click the "Register" link. A generic, "no logon" guest account is also available but some restrictions apply. Visit the information desk for details.


These instructions assume that you're logged onto a computer in the library or are using one of the library's laptops.

Complete your work as you normally would. When you are ready to print, use the application's print button to bring up the list of printers you have access to.

Note: The WEPA-BW (black & white) printer is the default printer. If you want to print in color select the WEPA-COLOR printer.

Once you've selected the appropriate printer, click the "Print" button to load the WEPA software. You'll first be shown a summary of the print job you are sending. If everything looks okay, click "Proceed".

To send the job to the WEPA server, enter your WEPA account information and click "OK".

Once your print job has been successfully sent to the server, you'll receive a confirmation message like the one seen below. The "Release Code" is unique to the print job that you just sent.

NOTE: Using your Nautilus Card is the fastest way to quickly log onto the kiosk and see all of your print jobs and pay! If you have your Nautilus Card you DO NOT need to remember or write down these release codes.

Once you're done sending jobs to print, visit a kiosk (locations) and login (with your Nautilus Card) to manage your account or release multiple jobs at once.