Specialized Hardware and Software for Disabled Persons

Course Reserves

All online (scanned) Course Reserves readings have been proccessed using optical-character-recognition (OCR) technology to make them compatible with Screen Reading software.

TDD Device

The Pace Library Circulation Department has a telecommunications device for the deaf at their service desk. Patrons using this technology can contact our TDD device by calling

Braille Conversion Software & Printer

The Pace library has one dedicated workstation on the first floor with software that can convert existing documents (e.g. Microsoft Word or PDF) into Braille (which can then be embossed onto appropriate paper using our braille printer). Additionally, this workstation has a current copy of the JAWS screen reading software, ZoomText software (for enlarging on screen content), and Kurzweil 3000 software (for text-to-speech conversion).  This workstation also features an extra large monitor for patrons with vision impairments and a joystick style mouse for those individuals with motor-control impairments.

Document & Image Enlarger

The Pace library has an analog enlarger to assist patrons with visual impairments. This device will enlarge and display on screen any item which is placed under the camera. There are several additional high-contrast modes that may be helpful for patrons with some forms of color vision deficiency.