3D Printing

We are now proud to offer 3D printing and scanning as services in the 5th floor Skylab for UWF students, faculty, and staff. These services are focused on supporting innovative instruction and the opportunity to learn about this technology and create 3D objects.

This resource can be utilized to create prototypes and physical models for class projects and more.

Patrons can learn 3D modeling and create anything that they can imagine, or simply download pre-existing 3D models and learn about how the 3D printing process works.

This service is provided with a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials (plastic filament) and routine maintenance costs associated with operating and maintaining the 3D printing equipment.

Basic printing fees:

  • $1.00 - 2 hours or less
  • $2.50 - 2-4 hours
  • $3.50 - Over 4 hours
  • Cost of plastic, varies depending on type and weight from .10 to .50 cents per gram.

The following is a time-lapse video of our Makerbot Replicator2 3D printer in action...