Research Interests

I’m interested in visual and spatial working memory, how people remember and process visual and spatial information across the short term. Specifically, I’m interested in the processes involved in encoding, maintaining, and retrieving visual information as well as how those processes interact with visual selective attention, controlled attention, and long-term memory. I’m also interested in applying the basic principles of visual working memory to real world situations such as training and driving. Visit my lab website at for more details on what we are up to.

Current Projects

  1. Training Long-term Visual Representations

  2. Impact of Long-term Visual Representations on Visual Working Memory Performance

  3. Global dominance in Visual Working Memory

  4. Spatial Situational Awareness while Driving with Distractions

Interested in Getting Involved with Research?

Currently, my lab is full but feel free to email me at to ask about any future lab openings. You must have a psychology GPA of at least 3.2 to join and you must have taken (and passed) Experimental Psychology (EXP 3082) or Research Methods I (EXP 3213).