Basic Telecommunications

This part of the lesson instruction is designed to help you become familiar with basic telecommunications components (e.g., hardware, software, etc.), required connect to an on-line resource provider (such as FIRN) for electronic e-mail, and other related remote communications activities.

Basic Communications Components

Examine each of the following pages. When you finish with hardware, return to this page and continue with software. After you complete the above pages, answer these questions. Submit the answers to your instructor. You may complete the questions off-line and type them all at once to submit.
  • List the four components needed to communicate to another computer from home?
  • Describe the function of a modem.
  • Compare and contrast the different types of modems.
  • What type of computers can be used as telecommunication stations?
  • What is the speed at which modems communicate?

  • Answers to Telecommunication Components Questions

    OK, if you haven't checked your e-mail, now is a good time to do so. If you're using the UWF facilities, you'll be using an e-mail program called Eudora or Eudora-Light. This is a software program that permits you to receive and send electronic mail. To start Eudora, you'll first exit Netscape. Then you'll start the Eudora program. If you're in the UWF COE Lab, there is a set of instructions for starting Eudora. If you have any problems, see the Lab Assistant. If you're accessing Eudora from your home and have problems, contact the UWF Help Line at 904-474-3203 or the COE Help Line at 904-474-3340.

    Next, we're going to learn more about tying hardware and software together through Connectivity.

    General Information

    If you have any questions, or need some clarification, send a message to Help or call the COE Distance Education Help Line at 904-474-3340. Don't forget to check your e-mail!

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