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Maps of Spanish Florida

The maps below are intended to provide a basic overview of the spatial extent of Spanish Florida as measured through the locations of its earliest explorations, later forts, garrisons, and missions, as well as its final collapse.  For the sake of simplicity, many details are of course left off these maps.  Click on each map to see a larger version.

Explorations / Forts / Missions / Raiding and Retreat

Explorations, 1513-1564

This map shows the known or projected landing sites of various early exploratory expeditions across greater Spanish Florida, including early coastal landing sites and attempted settlements, as well as selected American Indian communities visited in the interior during the 1540 expedition of Hernando de Soto, and by a detachment  of soldiers under Mateo de Saúz (under Tristán de Luna) in 1560.  See the Settlement page for more details.

Early Exploration of Spanish Florida

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Forts, 1565-1763

This map shows the known or projected locations of Spanish forts and military garrisons throughout greater Spanish Florida during the First Spanish period, including early coastal forts established by Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and deep interior forts established by Menéndez's lieutenant Juan Pardo, along with a range of late 17th-century military outposts established to protect the Franciscan mission provinces during the era of the Indian slave trade.  Pensacola's presidios, garrisoned out of Mexico after 1698, are also shown.

Forts and Garrisons of Spanish Florida

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Missions, 1565-1763

This map shows the known or projected locations of selected Spanish missions across greater Spanish Florida during the First Spanish period, including early efforts by Jesuits and secular clergy, as well as later missions established by Franciscan friars (only provincial designations are provided in most cases, since individual mission names are too numerous for the map).

Missions of Spanish Florida

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Raiding and Retreat, 1659-1711

This map is a schematic showing the overall trajectories of Indian slave-raiding against greater Spanish Florida, including the names and general location of the Native American raiders (in blue), as well as the dates of last withdrawal of Florida Indians from specific provinces, missionized and otherwise, and the direction of their retreat (in red).

Raiding and Retreat

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