Selected Archaeology Links

The links below focus on the historical archaeology of Spanish Florida, but also include more general links of regional or archaeological interest.

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Tristán de Luna Expedition

Luna Settlement (UWF website on the 1559-1561 Tristán de Luna settlement discovered in 2015, with comprehensive resources including photos and links)

Luna Settlement Project (UWF blog following ongoing fieldwork and other investigations regarding the site)

The Emanuel Point Ship: Archaeological Investigations 1992-1995 (extensive website detailing excavations at the Emanuel Point I wreck during the 1990s, including a virtual tour of the wreck)

Emanuel Point I Shipwreck (UWF website with additional information regarding excavations at EPI)

Emanuel Point II Shipwreck (website detailing ongoing and recent excavations at the site of the second wreck discovered from Luna's fleet, maintained by UWF)

University of West Florida Maritime Field School Blogs: 2010 - 2009 - 2008 (project blogs focusing largely on the EPII wreck)

St. Augustine

Historical Archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History (website with extensive resources regarding archaeology at St. Augustine and its environs, including downloadable site reports on the Menéndez-era occupation at the Fountain of Youth site)

City of St. Augustine Archaeology Program(website focusing on cultural resource management archaeology in the city)

Santa Elena

Santa Elena Foundation (website of the recently-established foundation supporting ongoing research at the site of Santa Elena on Parris Island, South Carolina)

Scholar Commons, Santa Elena (online USC repository of digital reports regarding Santa Elena)

Fort San Juan / Juan Pardo Expeditions

The Berry Site (website maintained at Warren Wilson College; includes extensive imagery and online publications)

Spanish Missions in Florida

Mission San Luis (website with extensive overviews of the history and archaeology of the mission; includes an excellent database of images of artifacts from the site)

Santa Isabel de Utinahica Project (website with information on Spanish colonial archaeology in the interior Georgia coastal plain, sponsored by Fernbank Museum of Natural History)

Indian Pond Archaeological Project (website focusing on excavations at a 17th-century Spanish mission in the Timucua province of north Florida; maintained at the Florida Museum of Natural History)

Mission San Joseph de Escambe (my own website focusing on the UWF project at this 18th-century mission since 2009; see also our project blog)

Laboring in the Fields of the Lord: Southeastern Indians & Spanish Missions (website with online videos for all the presentations in the February 2017 public symposium held in Fort Myers, Florida)


Pensacola Colonial Historical Archaeology (UWF website with links to various pages detailing archaeological projects relating to the First Spanish Period, including Santa María de Galve (1698-1719), Presidio Isla de Santa Rosa (1722-1756), and the downtown Pensacola Commanding Officer's Compound).

Pensacola Colonial Frontiers Project (my own website describing the UWF project to locate First Spanish Period sites outside the Pensacola presidios; see also our project blog)

Underwater Archaeology

Maritime Research at the University of West Florida (website including links to pages about research on a variety of underwater projects in the Pensacola vicinity, most of which are First Spanish period)

1733 Spanish Galleon Trail (website detailing the underwater wrecks of the 1733 Spanish plate fleet, all of which may be visited by the public)

Florida's "Museums in the Sea" (website with virtual tours of many of Florida's Underwater Archaeological Preserves, including several Spanish colonial sites)

Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (website with extensive information about underwater archaeology based in St. Augustine, although focusing primarily on periods after the Spanish colonial era)

Public Archaeology in Florida

Florida Anthropological Society Education Committee (official website of the statewide archaeology organization's public education commttee)

Florida Anthropology (tumblr blog by the FAS education committee above)

Florida Public Archaeology Network (statewide network of regional public archaeology centers; coordinated at the University of West Florida)

Trail of Florida's Indian Heritage (statewide network of public archaeology and Native American outreach organizations and sites)

General Colonial Archaeology & Material Culture Resources

Diderot's L'Encyclopédie (digitally-scanned edition of the extremely important illustrated 18th-century encyclopedia; ongoing searchable translation project hosted by the University of Michigan is located here)

Digital Type Collections-Historic Period Archaeological Ceramics (remarkably extensive and well-organized digital type collection with extensive imagery; maintained at the Florida Museum of Natural History)

Ceramic Technology Laboratory, Florida Museum of Natural History (great site including digital imagery of both prehistoric and historic/Spanish-era Native American ceramics found in Florida)

Spanish Colonial Artifact Gallery (well-organized and extensive set of images maintained at the Florida Museum of Natural History)

Georgia Indian Pottery Types (great resource, including Spanish-era ceramic types; maintained by Mark Williams at the University of Georgia)

Native American Pottery in South Carolina (a similar site maintained by the Diachronic Research Foundation, Beaufort County Government, South Carolina Department of Archives and History)

Bullen Projectile Point Type Collection (generally prehistoric, but an excellent online library of images of stone projectile points from Florida)

Florida Historical Contexts (overviews of Florida prehistoric archaeological contests originally written in 1990, but nonetheless still useful; hosted by the Florida Department of Historical Resources)

Apalachicola River Valley Archaeology (nice overview of long-term archaeological research in northwest Florida, including historic and late prehistoric sections; hosted by the University of South Florida).

National Archaeological Database (searchable bibliography of the vast "gray-literature" of archaeological reports; hosted by the University of Arkansas in concert with the National Park Service)

Next Exit History (mobile application with videos and other information regarding public sites relating to the history and archaeology of Florida; based at UWF in Pensacola)

Spanish Colonial Artifacts (image gallery of Spanish colonial-era artifacts at the American Southwest Virtual Museum)

Spanish-Colonial Artifacts (image gallery of late 18th-century Spanish colonial artifacts relating to the 1795 Zúñiga expedition in an online exhibition by the Arizona State Museum)

Diagnostic Artifacts in Maryland (great resource with text and imagery including Colonial Ceramics and Post-Colonial Ceramics)

Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website (extensive and authoritative website on U.S.-produced bottles, maintained by the Society for Historic Archaeology)

Mount Vernon Midden - Object Database (searchable image database with extensive and diverse collection of 18th-century English colonial and early American material culture)

Jamestown Rediscovery - 17th Century Ceramics (database with information on 17th-century colonial ceramics from diverse origins; maintained by the Jamestown Ceramics Research Group)

Material Culture of Plymouth Colony (selection of images and descriptions of 17th-century artifacts associated with the Plymouth colony)

Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (remarkable searchable database of artifacts from colonial-era slave sites in the Atlantic seaboard and Caribbean)

The 18th Century Material Culture Resource Center (nice site with lots of thematically-organized slideshows with imagery of objects and paintings of 18th century Anglo-American material culture)

Colonial Michilimackinac Archaeological Collection (selection of colonial-era artifact imagery dating from the 18th and 19th centuries)

The Coins of Colonial and Early America (extensive resource pages hosted at the University of Notre Dame)

Miscellaneous Archaeology Resources

Southeastern Archaeology News (very current and comprehensive news relating to Southeastern U.S. archaeology; maintained by David Allison, Atlanta)

National Archaology Database (searchable database of the vast "gray literature" of archaeology reports; maintained by the U.S. National Park Service)

Online Archaeology for Kids (great resource with many useful links; thanks go out to the California teacher and her student who recommended this to me).

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