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I serve as the program director and coordinator of the Historical Archaeology specialization in the Anthropology Masters program at UWF, and help to coordinate the various facets of this degree track with students enrolled in the program at different stages of their graduate careers, particularly while they are still taking classes.  Students enrolled in the Historical Archaeology track should plan to meet with me at least once a semester, prior to registration, for a quick review of their progress within the overall program.  I can also advise graduate students in the Anthropology track as well. 

The tables below show the exact requirements for each track, and there should be one 3-credit-hour course corresponding to each of the slots by the end of  primary coursework period, for a total of 36 hours (not counting additional Thesis Research hours taken subsequently until thesis completion). For use in tracking individual progress and planning for advising sessions, students may cut and paste the tables below, or may also download and print a Historical Archaeology Program Planner or Anthropology Program Planner that I developed for this purpose.

General Anthropology M.A.

____ ANG 6110: Advanced Method and Theory in Archaeology
____ ANG 6286: Contemporary Cultural Anth. Theory
____ ANG 6583: Evolutionary Theory in Biological Anth.
____ ANG 6093: Research Design in Anthropology
____ ANG 6002: Proseminar in Anthropology

Specialty Electives
____ Specialty Elective 1/3 (Archaeology)*
____ Specialty Elective 2/3 (Biological Anthropology)
____ Specialty Elective 3/3 (Cultural Anthropology)

General Electives*
____ Unspecified Elective 1/3
____ Unspecified Elective 2/3
____ Unspecified Elective 3/3

Thesis Hours
____ ANG 6971: Thesis Research (3+ hours)

Historical Archaeology M.A.

____ ANG 6110: Advanced Method and Theory in Archaeology
____ ANG 5172: Historic Archaeology Seminar
____ ANG 5173: Historical Research Methods in Archaeology
____ ANG 6196: Pol., Pract., and Arch. in Hist. Preservation
____ ANG 6824: Advanced Archaeological Field Methods

Specialty Electives
____ History Elective 1/3
____ History Elective 2/3
____ History Elective 3/3

General Electives*
____ Unspecified Elective 1/3
____ Unspecified Elective 2/3
____ Unspecified Elective 3/3

Thesis Hours
____ ANG 6971: Thesis Research (3+ hours)

*Special Note: Maritime archaeology students in both tracks need to be careful not to use up all their unspecified elective slots before taking several popular and potentially important specialty courses in this area, none of which satisfy core requirements and which are therefore always electives.  Three such courses are Nautical Archaeology Seminar (ANG 5137), Conservation of Archaeological Materials (ANT 4182C taken for graduate credit), and Ship Construction (presently ANG 5990).  All students should likewise be aware of keeping careful track of their electives so as not to end up having to take a desired elective course that will not count directly toward the degree program (if all open electives in a particular category have already been taken up with other courses).

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For planning purposes, the anticipated schedule of core course offerings for the Historical Archaeology track during the next five academic years are shown below.  Please note that this is a proposed schedule only, and unexpected contingencies may necessitate some adjustments in this tentative plan (known alterations noted with *).  Nevertheless, the anthropology department always plans carefully to ensure that all required core courses are made available to all students at least once during their course of study at UWF.   

Academic Year 2017-2018   2018-2019   2019-2020   2020-2021  
Semester Fall Spr Sum Fall Spr Sum Fall Spr Sum Fall Spr Sum
ANG 6110   x*   x     x      x    
ANG 5172       x       x        
ANG 5173   x          x        x  
ANG 6196 x       x          x    
ANG 6824     x     x     x      x

Finally, students who are thinking of continuing their graduate education in historical archaeology might want to consult the SHA Guide to Higher Education, which has great descriptions of graduate programs (including those offering a Ph.D.).