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Welcome to my faculty homepage. I am an anthropologist specializing in archaeology and ethnohistory, and I have conducted archaeological and ethnohistorical research for more than three decades in the Southeastern U.S., primarily focusing on the interactions between Native Americans and Spaniards during the European colonial era. My current (2015-2017) active field research centers on the recent discovery of Tristán de Luna's 1559-1561 settlement on the shore of Pensacola Bay. Between 2009 and 2015, however, my fieldwork focused principally on Mission San Joseph de Escambe, occupied between 1741 and 1761.

On these pages are some resources of potential interest to students, colleagues, and the general public, including selected unpublished papers, as well as information on past and present research and teaching activities, and extensive links of use to students and others. As part of my homepage, I also maintain an extensive general resource page about Spanish Florida between 1513 and 1763. Follow the header links above, or the site map below can be used to navigate to any page.

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Spanish Florida



               The Tristán de Luna Expedition

                    Luna Fleet

                    Luna Settlement

                    Luna Document Extracts



          The Governors of Colonial Florida, 1565-1821

          Franciscan Missions to Spanish Florida, 1583-1739


          Colonial-Era Spanish Language Resources

          Colonial-Era Spanish Law

               Topical Index to Diccionario de Gobierno y Legislación de Indias

          Colonial-Era Spanish Catholic Liturgical Calendar

               Colonial-Era Spanish Catholic Movable Feast Days

          Colonial-Era Spanish Recipes

          Colonial-Era Weights and Measures

               Tables of Spanish Colonial Weights and Measures

               Quick Conversion Tables for Basic Colonial Measures


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