Current Support

Microbial Biofilms as Indicators of Estuarine Ecosystem Condition, component project within: Estuarine Indicators Centers proposal; Microbial Indicators component, U. S. EPA: $1,563,111 over 4 years; PI: Lepo, Co-PIs: Snyder, Proctor

Phytopathogens as Agents of Bioterrorism: Year1, $100,000; Year 2, $394,000; Year 3, $306,000; Department of Defense (Department of the Army)

Agricultural Runoff Impacts on Total Maximum Daily Loads and Water Quality, US Department of Agriculture: $532,000 over 3 years; PI: Lepo, Co-PI: Snyder

Characterization and Management of Effluent from Aquaculture Ponds in Florida-A Treatment System Evaluation: Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services, US. EPA, FDEP, Three Rivers RC&D: $23,000

Tracking Source of Fecal Contamination in Environmental Waters: Escambia County Health Department: $130,000 / year; Co-PIs: Jeffrey, Snyder

Environmental Monitoring of the South Palafox Marina: $7500 / year, City of Pensacola

Partnership for Environmental Research and Community Health (PERCH) Collaborative proposal with the Escambia County Health Department to provide long-term solutions to regional environmental and community health problems; Contributor Lepo: PIs: Lanza and Rao. (First year funded at $1.7 million)

Pending Support

Continuous Nutrient Monitoring in Pensacola Bay System. Currently negotiating with Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services to obtain support for enhanced water quality monitoring for Northwest Florida; Co-PI with J. Caffrey and R. Snyder

Application of Remote Sensing and Pattern Recognition for Diagnosis of Crop Bioterrorism: Proposal is being developed; seeking funding from USDA or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA); Co-PI with Jim Bezdek (UWF Computer Science) and Louheng Han (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)