Northwest Florida Regional Community Activities

  • Member, Environmental Advisory Board, City of Pensacola; Appointed February 2002.

  • Liaison with Escambia County Health Department: Collaborative grant applications to National Institutes for Health and U.S. EPA with Dr. John Lanza; role in development of the UWF Health Department Partnership for Environmental Research and Community Health (PERCH).

  • Three Rivers RC & D Council; collaborative grant activity on agricultural runoff.

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Department of Agriculture (Escambia County Extension); collaborative grant activity on agricultural runoff.

  • Institute of Food and Agricultural Science, University of Florida, collaborative research on agricultural best management practices.

  • Project Director: "Water Quality Monitoring of the Palafox Marina," City of Pensacola, Community Redevelopment Agency.

  • Researcher / Scientific Advisor for the Escambia County Citizens' Task Force on Urban Stormwater Runoff (see report at

  • Facilitator / Scientific Advisor for the Santa Rosa County Stormwater Runoff Task Force.. May 2000 - present.

  • Member of Escambia County "Citizens Environmental Committee"; appointed as representative of County Administrator.

  • Bay Area Resource Committee (BARC), member and participant.

  • BARC Technical Advisory Council; Member of Subcommittee on Water Quality.

  • Participant in Escambia Soil and Water Conservation Board.

  • Consultant for several environmental groups concerning impacts of sewage disposal systems; assisting Escambia County Department of Health (Environmental) to develop a proposal to study the issue.

  • Active in a number of environmental initiatives supported by the Escambia County Neighborhood and Environmental Services Department.

  • Numerous tours and workshops for regional high-school and middle-school groups.

  • Participated in the National Science Foundation Florida Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation program to provide environmental laboratory experience for regional high-school teachers in cooperation with Florida State University.

  • Member, Northwest Florida Legislative Natural Resources Advisory Committee to provide environmental expertise for the Northwest Florida Legislative delegation.

  • Leadership and participant in the Envision EscaRosa initiative:
    1. Environmental representative on the Envision EscaRosa Benchmarks Task Force.
    2. Member of the Environmental Action Team for Envision EscaRosa and a Facilitator for the Envision EscaRosa Strategies: Air- and Water- Quality, Hazardous Waste, and Environmental Code Enforcement.

  • Northwest Florida Water Management District; collaborative grant activity.

  • Escambia County Utility Authority; public health and environmental effects of water supply fluoridation.