Our Education Experience Lab is structured to develop models that demonstrate and provide an understanding of how people live, study and engage in educational experiences. By living and working with our end-users and partners, we are able to design meaningful models. Ideas and insights are shared to find solutions that enhance the quality and effectiveness of the educational system, which solves design challenges that we currently face and will continue to identify for years to come. We are building the future, together, one idea at a time.

Current education lab activity includes:

Distance Learning Innovation

As a collaborative “think tank” we are working toward solutions that increase access to educational opportunities and result in degree completion for more working adults using accelerated courses, new curriculum approaches and significant coaching and student support innovations in distance learning. In conjunction with Academic Partnerships, the institute is working with faculty who are teaching online courses in order to develop best practices and retool teaching methods that will enhance the quality of distance education in the U.S. and abroad.

Complete Florida

In Florida, there are 2.2 million students that have stopped out of college. Complete Florida is a legislatively funded initiative answering the design challenge of how to get adults back to college to complete their college degree. A new collaborative model that takes advantage of existing resources in the state of Florida will focus on recruiting, recovering and retaining the state’ adult learners and assisting them in completing associates or bachelor’s degrees that are aligned to high wage, high-skill workforce needs. We are also studying the role of a concierge-type advising model that will engage students and support them to completion and into the workforce.

Immersive STEM Education

As a nation, we are underperforming in math and science and falling further and further behind in international assessments. Many jobs go unfilled in critical STEM fields and many of the students currently in STEM disciplines will complete and return to their home countries outside of the U.S. It is past time to “change the educational equation” and provide exemplary, inspiring experiences to middle and high school students so they may gain interests in STEM industries as a possible future for them. It is also imperative that we educate our pre-service teachers to have a passion for STEM education and provide in-service for our teachers already on the front line inspiring kids every day.

We look at immersive educational experiences that have the power to make learning fun and meaningful while giving students the opportunity to succeed and to think about possible futures in STEM. Our partners include the National Flight Academy and TEQGames at Universal Studios where we design and facilitate immersive education in schools, online and in museums around the country.

Cybersecurity Program

The Cybersecurity Program will promote a pipeline of students into certificate and academic programs that are deeply connected to the communities we serve and the industries that need them. The Center also will provide a hub for research on cyber security and provide opportunities for students to move into high-demand career fields.