We work in the gray spaces, between the ‘silos’ that are the norm in higher education to solve major educational problems. By bringing together our core team with expertise in systems thinking, design thinking and performance improvement as well as having years of experience working in the traditional academic environment as faculty, department chairs, college deans, associate deans, associate provosts, associate vice presidents and directors with radical collaborators from our colleges and our communities, we

  • Figure out what the problem really is
  • Create a range of possible solutions to existing problems,
  • Try possible solutions out with real students in real educational environments,
  • Determine what is working,
  • Modify what is not working,
  • Implement on a larger scale, and
  • Share what we learn.

We will live in these environments a long time to learn as much as we can while continuing to collaborate and revisit issues. Ultimately, we share what we learn with the world.

As part of our STEM Immersive Education Experience (link to page), we are partners with the National Flight Academy. With a 102,000 sq ft. learning laboratory complete with a hangar bay, Ready Rooms, Joint intelligence Centers and Joint Operation Centers, students ages 12-18 spend several days as an aviation experimental pilot flying many challenging missions.

We collaborated with TEQGames at Universal Studios, a Disney Imagineer, National Flight Academy and others to develop the curriculum, now we studying what is working and what can be learned about engaging and inspiring middle and high school students in STEM education.