We will work on a variety of projects and solve many of higher education’s toughest challenges through collaboration with each of the colleges, our faculty, experts in the community and students. Our Institute model is an interdisciplinary ‘educational incubator’ that will output transformational new ways of doing business and reaching students. We are different by design, using visionary next steps to help institutions solve the big, messy problems and survive in a rapidly changing higher education landscape using cost effective, scalable solutions to such things as:

  • bringing adults back to college,
  • reducing the cost of online education through innovative instructional strategies,
  • connecting industry into the entrepreneurial activity of the university graduating students into fields with strong high-wage high-skill employment reaching into the Cyber Security community,
  • inspiring middle and high school students to become engaged in STEM education activities to give them the spark needed as they are making decisions about their future,
  • studying how immersive education can make a difference in how we teach and how students learn. 

We will have a transformational mindset while reflecting

  • agility
  • responsiveness
  • collaboration
  • efficiency
  • accountability

….In all that we do