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Mission Innovation

We believe that innovation – that hard, messy work that blends art, science, creativity and culture with the freedom to explore, fail, try again and learn – is the key to breakthrough solutions to our biggest challenges. We focus on areas of high social importance – with particular emphasis on education – to explore, design, prototype and deliver innovation for education and learning. We collaborate with and serve University of West Florida, partner organizations and institutions across the state who want to improve learning and professional development for those they serve, and the entire Florida education system. We are a trusted partner that provides research-driven, customer-centric, systems-thinking approach to sustainable innovation.

IDEA Method

Incubate, Design, Experience, Act – is our platform for innovation. It uncovers real challenges, creates deep understanding of root causes, and fuels ideas that solve problems by cutting through the clutter and making a difference. The user is always in the middle of the story as we make way for transformational solutions to the problems we face. These are the solutions that will create a better future for our professional, public, and even private spaces.


This is where the magic happens – our real world hub for innovators to explore and test new business models and system level solutions using our IDEA Method. From concept to execution, from white board to fully developed prototype, this is the space where we collaborate alongside our partners to uncover the big ideas and transformative solutions to the obstacles in front of us.

Our elite team of experts lead the innovation process with leaders from across the spectrum of public and private sectors. Think of them as the Special Forces of innovation – flying in to tackle unique and specific problems and challenges with rapid-fire precision, using deep knowledge and expertise to deliver results.

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Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC)

Innovating the educational experience for Florida learners statewide from K-20, we work collaboratively with the state’s 12 public universities, 28 public colleges, K-12 school districts, and other partners providing services that help students succeed in school and in life after graduation.

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Empowering Florida's 20,000,000 residents to earn a college degree and find a bright career through a multitude of free services to navigate Florida’s education system and prepare for the future.

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Complete Florida

A totally free, complete solution for adults with some college and no degree, Florida’s online degree completion program partners with state colleges, universities and private institutions to help students successfully graduate. It includes concierge-style coaches dedicated to personal, individualized counseling and support.

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Complete Florida Military

In collaboration with UWF's Military and Veterans Resource Center, the Complete Florida Coaching Team helps active duty, veterans and family members return to college to finish their degree, supported by lots of scholarship dollars.

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Our brand new, state-of-the-art education and career planning tool for learners - from kindergarten through adult - to explore careers, discover areas of interest and passion for future jobs, and understand the educational requirements they will need.

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Military and Veterans Resource Center

Providing specialized support services to UWF students who are active military members or veterans.

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Division of Distance & Continuing Education

Serving our region with leading-edge certificate, non credit and credit programs supported by the innovative use of technology for instruction. Also supports UWF’s highly recognized Online Campus.


Academic Technology Center

Serves as a catalyst for new technologies to support teaching, learning and creative expression, and supports faculty in the design, development, implementation and continuous improvement of online and blended courses.