Master of Science in Information Technology

The Master of Science in Information Technology program will train the next generation of IT professionals who are interested in broadening and deepening their knowledge of new and emerging technologies.

Which path will you take: Cybersecurity or Database Management?

With one of the most affordable tuition plans in Florida and state-of-the-art computing facilities, our Master’s in Information Technology program offers cutting edge curricula and learning environments, with professionally-oriented, hands-on study material in two different specializations: Database Management and Cybersecurity. Both specializations are available completely online, but students also have the opportunity to work with faculty mentors on research projects that provide core skills and real-world, problem-solving experiences that will help them succeed in their future career paths.


Provides instruction in applied and theoretical computer science topics such as networks and communication devices, theory of computation, analysis of algorithms, programming languages, and operating systems.

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Database Server

Database Management

Emphasizes designing, implementing, maintaining, and administering large database systems. Students will become proficient in database programming and SQL and will be able to identify and utilize tools to work with vast amounts of data.

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