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Section 1

The purpose of this organization shall be to advance the cause of

history, and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarly interest

of the individual members in all fields, especially that of history; to

provide meaningful, educational, cultural, social and service activities

for members and friends; to represent members on issues arising in the

academic community where member interest is involved. 

Section 2

This organization will not participate in any action or situation that

may recklessly or intentionally endanger the mental or physical health

or safety of a person for the purpose of initiation or admission into

this organization.


Section 1

Membership will be open to any and all students at the University of

West Florida, regardless of race, creed, national origin, marital

status, handicap, or sex. Each member will have a vote. Any member,

at any time may withdraw membership by written notice, or by allowing

said membership to lapse. Inactive alumni, upon graduation, unless

otherwise stipulated after leaving the university, may maintain

membership if it is so desired.

Section 2

The member shall be required to pay $6.00 per academic year. This fee

shall be paid by 30 September of the year, both in the case of new and

returning members. In the case of late incoming membership, fees will

be due immediately upon entry. After 1 January the late incoming

membership fee will be $5.00. 

Section 3 

This club shall have an advisor, who is a member of the club, and who

is chosen from the faculty in a manner to be prescribed by the club.


Section 1

This club shall elect its own officers, to be known as the Executive

Committee, from among the active members who are current University of

West Florida students. These shall include a President, a

Secretary-Treasurer, and a Programs Director-Vice President. The duties

of these members of the Executive Committee shall be those ordinarily

assigned to such offices.

Section 2 

Elections shall be held the first meeting of the Fall semester (September).

These elections shall include all of the offices of the Executive

Committee. When any elected officer is off campus for a semester, the

office will be temporarily vacant, and a substitute will be appointed

jointly by the Executive Committee and the Programs Committee. In case

of the president being absent for a semester, the Secretary-Treasurer

will be elected.

Section 3 

President: It shall be the duty of the President to preside over

all meetings of the club, to act as Chairperson of the Executive Committee,

to exercise general supervision over the affairs of the club, and to be an

ex-officio member of all committees, except that of the Nominating


Secretary-Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Secretary-Treasurer

to maintain a club membership list and club files; to collect all membership

dues; to work with the faculty advisor in the control request of all funds;

to take the minutes at all club meetings; and to serve as a member of the

Executive Committee.

Programs Director-Vice President: It shall be the duty of the Programs

Director to issue information of the meetings and events; to manage the

arrangement of all meetings and events; to take charge of the initiation

of all meetings and events; and to perform these duties in conjunction with

the Executive Committee; to create Programs Committee (consisting of 3-5

active members, including the Director) which will be charged with the duty of

assisting the Programs Director in performing these duties; and to perform

these duties in conjunction with the Executive Committee.

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