Timothy Jones

Founder and Speaker, Colorful Voices

Timothy Jones is a Navy veteran and community advocate who has made it his mission to assist other veterans and those struggling with the aftermath of sexual assault by sharing his story of transformation from a victim to a victor.

Can you tell me a little about your organization?

It’s been reported that one of the main barriers for reporting sexual assaults on college campuses and military bases is lack of trust in the system. I founded Colorful Voices as a speaking platform for me to share my personal story of transitioning out of military life and struggling for more than a decade, ultimately finding myself homeless, before finding my second chance at a brighter future through Volunteers of America and higher education.

How does it feel to finally be a motivational speaker, after working toward your goal for years?

Blessed and humbled are words that come to mind. Now that I’m living my dream job, I’m honored and feel so much responsibility on my shoulders for those who are still stuck where I was not so many years ago. It’s my mission to let them know there is always hope, and that they can be empowered to lift themselves out of it.

What role has UWF played in getting you where you are today?

UWF has been pivotal in my success. If it wasn’t for the University, nothing I’ve accomplished would have been possible. The faculty and staff members have filled my “toolbox” will all the skills and resources I need, and they’ve instilled confidence in me every step of the way. I am so proud to be an Argonaut and share as part of my story that UWF transformed my life.