Matthew Galloway

Caddy on the LPGA Tour

Matthew Galloway ranked in the top 100 for The World Amateur Golf Ranking (and top 50 in the US) upon turning professional. When Galloway isn’t playing golf, he’s offering insight and support as a caddy for the LPGA Tour.

Being part of the UWF Athletics program was like showing up on the first day of school with 10 best friends already. I loved my time at UWF, I probably would not be where I am without it.

Why is a caddy important to the sport, especially to professional golf

A caddy is much more than someone carrying a bag. You’re part of the team and having playing experience is vital. I’ve been in almost every situation the golfer has so I’m there to help. You’re the player’s only ally during the entire course, for all 18 holes and for the hours after. So many hats go into the role of caddy—psychologist, friend and even bodyguard to fans who overstep.

How did your degree in marketing come into play during your career?

When I was playing, I had to raise funds for professional golf where you don’t have a lot of money on your own. Raising money, developing a business plan, marketing the plan and managing the business side were things I learned in introductory marketing classes that I didn't realize would be so valuable.

Tell us about your time in UWF Athletics.

It was like being in a close-knit group, almost like a fraternity. The student athletes always came together and some of us keep in touch today. During my time there, I had the chance to get to know Steve Fell who is a great coach and an even better friend who continues to encourage me.