Chelsea Palmer

Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach, Richland College

Chelsea Palmer guides student-athletes on and off the field as assistant women’s soccer coach at Richland College. As a player, her accolades include winning three national championships and two MVP awards.

The most rewarding aspects of my job include being a part of an extended family, mentoring student-athletes, and being able to see women excel in soccer and in life.

What made you decide to turn your passion for soccer into a career?

Since I was 8, I’ve been a multi-sport player. I started playing competitive soccer at age 10. I realized soccer was going to be in my life whether I was good or not. I had an opportunity to play collegiate soccer and after graduating, I moved to coach at Eckerd College. In August 2016, I moved again to coach at Richland College where I am still today.

How has your psychology degree benefited you as assistant coach?

Psychology has pushed me to find an understanding of who these student-athletes are. They are a person then they are a player. I’ve had to be their friend and mentor, helping them through their lives away from home, while also making sure they give their all and play a part in a unit. There’s no I in team.

Describe one of your most memorable moments from playing soccer at UWF.

When we lost to a non-conference team in the middle of the season after being on a winning streak. It was a bump in the road letting us know we needed to push harder and not take a session or game for granted. After that, we lifted each other up and finished the season in December 2012 as national champions!