Alonzie Scott

Director, NAVSEA’s Enterprise Talent Management Office

From his background in hospitality and leisure services for US Armed Forces to his current work as director of NAVSEA's Enterprise Talent Management Office, Alonzie Scott continues to follow Zig Ziglar’s motto, “if you help enough people get what they want, you get what you want, too.”

I hope the University continues to be a place where young people, who, like me, might’ve known they wanted to go somewhere but weren’t sure exactly where, can receive the foundation necessary to be successful in their career and anything they choose to do in life.

What led you to NAVSEA?

I was in a position to use my professional education and experience as a CPA to give credibility to this elected CFO office. With a professional staff, my role was to present and explain the county’s financial issues to the elected mayor and commissioners. It was extremely satisfying to create and foster a culture of customer service, and gain a reputation for providing excellent and thoughtful service to Orange County’s citizens.

Do you care to share one project you’re particularly proud to see in action?

The NAVSEA Recruiting Partnership is the best example for folks to read about today. I convinced six naval system command senior executive directors to join forces with NAVSEA to create a recruiting structure called the Navy civilian careers. This network allowed the Navy to recruit like any corporation by joining our resources under one framework thus lowering our recruiting cost fivefold while delivering the right civilian talent to the Navy to fill its mission critical occupations.

How did your experiences at UWF ready you for your career?

Positive experiences with faculty and staff at UWF were critical to my success. They led the way to my involvement in various campus activities, which prepared me for my career today. The books in my program or suggested by faculty, staff and other students resonated with me. The formal and informal education experiences allowed me to think in terms of being a better collaborator, team player and networker.