Mike Smith Headshot_lg

Michael Smith

Chief Transformation Officer, AIG Insurance

I value watching the teams and individuals I’ve worked with for a long time grow and succeed. It’s all about the team doing well and seeing people thrive.

Give us a bird’s-eye view of your job.

I oversee operations and systems initiatives for AIG Commercial Insurance worldwide. We operate in 96 countries around the world, and it’s my job to engage people from all over. In a one month, I went to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and South Africa.

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite aspect of my job is the ability I have to work with and meet different people in all walks of life.

How did UWF prepare you for your career?

I took a computer class that still stands out to this day. It was about logic and working through problems in a rational way. The processes I learned in that class are transferrable to a lot of the things I do today—it’s about the ability to learn, think and solve problems.