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Facilities Development & Operations
FS 1001 Procedure FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 5B
FS 1002 Key Control Policy FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 6
FS 1003 Sick Leave, Tardiness and Annual Leave FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 7
FS 1004 Campus Safety Assessment FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 8
FS 1005 Memorial Trees FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 9
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 10A
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 1 FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 10B
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 2 FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 11
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 3 FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 12
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 4A FS 1009 Purchase Requisition Procedure
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 4B FS 1011 Traffic Sign Installation
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 4C FS 1012 Off Hour Construction Access
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 4D FS 1013 Hurricane Prep Computers
FS 1006 Hurricane Preparedness Plan Attachment No 5A FS 1014 New Employee Preparation
      FS 1015 Vehicle 662 and 663 Usage
Facilities Planning, Maintenance & Construction (FPMC)
AES 1.002 Server Filing System and File Naming      
AES 1.003 Security of Campus Building and Infrastructure      
AES 1.004 Campus Utility Infrastructure Map Updates      
Project Procedures
AES 2.001 Project Drawing Review AES 2.013 Department Funded Project Procedures and Cost Responsibility
AES 2.002 Construction Projects Contracting AES 2.015 Dept. Funded: In-House Design, Contractual Construction and Costs
AES 2.003 ADA Project & Reasonable Accommodations AES 2.016 Department Funded: Consultant Design and Construction
AES 2.004 Plans Examination & Permitting AES 2.017 Construction Safety
AES 2.005 Mapping Updates Maintenance AES 2.018 Job Order Contract (JOC) Negotiation
AES 2.006 Design and Construction Procedures AES 2.019 UWF Dig Procedures
AES 2.007 Furniture and Fixture Purchases Related to a Project   AES 2.020 Liquidated Damages on Job Order Contract (JOC) Gen .Contractors
AES 2.008 Interior Finish Standards AES 2.021 Campus Building Roof Plan
AES 2.009 Project Folder Contents/Checklist AES 2.022 Delivery of Project Submittal Documents to the University of West Florida
AES 2.010 Project Pre-Construction Procedures AES 2.023 Direct Purchase Orders for Professional Project Services
AES 2.011 Departmental Moves   AES 2.024 UWF Construction Project Cost Database
AES 2.012 Construction Project Updates      
Space Management
AES 3.000 Assignment and Utilization of Space AES 3.006 Campus Building Floor Plans
AES 3.001 Interior Signage AES 3.007 Space Committee Procedures-Customer Services
AES 3.002 External Direction Sign System AES 3.008 Lease Space Procedures
AES 3.003 Lease Space Telecom Access AES 3.009 Risk Management Procedures 
AES 3.005 Space Database Entries and Maintenance  AES 3.010 Lease Space Maintenance Procedure
Joint ITS & AES
AES 4.002 Telecommunications - Telecom Room Access AES 4.004 Premise Wiring
AES 4.003 Telecom Outlet Installations  AES 4.005 Outside Plant Cabling 
Plant Operations (FM)
FM 1.001 Animals in Buildings FM 1.026 Radio Use Protocol
FM 1.002 Driver's License Verification FM 1.027 Contractor Access to Secured Areas
FM 1.003 Facilities Response to Fire Alarms FM 1.028 Travel Procedures
FM 1.004 Work Request Process FM 1.031 Driving University Vehicles/  Off-Campus Sites
FM 1.006 Power Outage FM 1.032 Hiring of Employees Guidelines
FM 1.007 Personal Protective Equipment FM 1.033 Process for Adding New Workers to Payroll
FM 1.008 P-Card Procedure FM 1.034 Work Order Workflow
FM 1.009 Ladder Use FM 1.035 Unidentifiable Packages
FM 1.010 Roof Access/Respirator Protection- Bldg 13 & 58 FM 1.036 Accident Investigation Process
FM 1.011 Building Occupant Notification FM 1.037 Work Order Prioritization
FM 1.012 Electrical Hazard Protection FM 1.042 Entering Information into TMA
FM 1.014 Computer Use FM 1.043 New Equipment/Vehicle Identification
FM 1.015 Identify Underground Utilities FM 1.044 BAS Training
FM 1.016 Maintenance Stock Room FM 1.045 BAS Temperature Alarm – Bldg. 90
FM 1.017 Facilities New Chemical Approval Process FM 1.046 Monthly Billing for Facility Maintenance Warehouse Charges
FM 1.018 Completed Work Orders FM 1.047 Moving Services Information
FM 1.019 FMLA Requests FM 1.047a Moving Attachment
FM 1.020 Equipment Loans FM 1.048 Lights Out Energy Savings Policy
FM 1.021 Compensatory Time FM 1.050 Employee Bi-Weekly Timesheets
FM 1.022 Bleachers – Bldg 54 FM 1.051 Orange Safety Vest Use
FM 1.023 Facilities Management Attire FM 1.052 Equipment Pre-Operation Inspection
FM 1.024 Closing Completed Work Orders FM 1.053 Refueling of University Vehicles (Normal)
FM 1.025 Campus Elevator Service Requests FM 1.054 Refueling of University Vehicles (Emergency)
    FM 1.055 TMA Project Warranty Procedure
Building & Grounds Management (FM)
FM 3.002 Normal Work Day FM 3.013 Cleaning Classrooms
FM 3.004 Key Assignment & Control FM 3.014 Cleaning Locker Rooms
FM 3.005 Cigarette Urn Cleaning FM 3.015 Cleaning Office Space
FM 3.006 Vacuum Cleaner PM Procedure FM 3.016 Cleaning Public Circulation Areas
FM 3.007 Removal of Water in Carpet FM 3.017 Replenish Custodial Carts
FM 3.008 Inspecting Electrical Cleaning Equipment FM 3.018 Terrazo Floor Care
FM 3.009 Cleaning Entrance Ways FM 3.019 Cleaning Stairwells
FM 3.010 Cleaning Laboratories in Building 58, 58A & 58B FM 3.020 Unlocking Building Entrance Doors
FM 3.012 Cleaning Restrooms FM 3.021 Security of Custodial Spaces
    FM 3.022 Building & Grounds Management Pest Control Work
Utilities Services
FM 6.001 HVAC Set-points & Hour of Operation FM 6.025 Changing Filters-Cold Water Circulating Sys
FM 6.003 Medium Voltage Electrical System FM 6.026 Chlorine Cylinder Change Out
FM 6.007 Emg. Generator Operations Weekly Checklist FM 6.027 Portable Pump Use
FM 6.009 Chiller Start Up–Bldg. 40 FM 6.028 Boiler Start Up on Fuel Oil
FM 6.010 Air Compressor Operations  Weekly Checklist FM 6.029 Water Tank By-Pass/Off Line
FM 6.011 Campus Extended Power Outage–Bldg. 40 FM 6.030 Water Sampling Plan for Water System
FM 6.013 Med Voltage Electrical Sys/Switching Alternate FM 6.031 Portable Fuel Oil Tank Operation
FM 6.014 Med Voltage Electrical Sys/Switching Normal FM 6.032 Trihalomethanes & Haloacetic Acids
FM 6.015 Chill Water System Isolation FM 6.033 Portable Water Well Checks
FM 6.016 Utilities Trouble Call Log Sheet FM 6.034 Overhead Utility Pole Numbering
FM 6.017 Housekeeping Assignments–Utilities Personnel FM 6.035 Fire Hydrant Flushing Procedure
FM 6.017 Housekeeping Attachment FM 6.036 Siemens BAS Ctrl Hot/Chill Water Valves
FM 6.018 Internal Climbing of Water Tower FM 6.037 Siemens BAS Building Entrance  Loop Control
FM 6.019 Hurricane Generator Fuel Records FM 6.038 Access/Water Tank/Cell Phone Co
FM 6.021 Portable Water Wells After-Hours Trouble Calls FM 6.039 Portable Water System Sample Protocols
FM 6.022 Changing Filters/Hot Water Circulating Sys FM 6.040 Campus Sewer Problems (Emergency)
FM 6.023 Pool Operations–Village West FM 6.042 Lockout/Tagout
FM 6.024 High Voltage Switch Operation      
Vehicle Maintenance
FM 7.001 Work Request & Billing Procedure
7.006 Small Engine Repair Charges
FM 7.002 Motor Vehicle Repair Charges FM 7.007 Vehicle Safety
7.003 Small Engine Repair Work Order  Work Flow FM 7.008 Contractual Vehicle Services
Campus-Owned Vehicle Work Orders      
FM 8.001 Maintenance Reaction to Power Outage FM 8.019 Bulb & Ballast Storage – Building 95A
FM 8.002 Work Schedule-Facilities Maintenance FM 8.020 Securing Campus Facility Entrance Valves
FM 8.003 Maintenance of Fire Suppression Equipment FM 8.021 Battery Testing – Fire Alarms
FM 8.004 Lift Truck Operations FM 8.022 Fire Alarm Systems & Fiber Optic
FM 8.005 Sewer Camera Operating Procedures FM 8.023 Tripped Circuit Breaker
FM 8.006 State Tags, Decals, & Logos FM 8.024 Smoke Detector Test
FM 8.007 Roof Drain Test Procedures FM 8.025 Exterior Re-lamp
FM 8.008 Electrical Safety FM 8.026 Sheet Metal Break
FM 8.009 Emergency Shutdown Procedures for Labs FM 8.027 Flush-o-meter Troubleshooting
FM 8.011 HVAC Proc.–Too Hot/Cold  (Volume Zone) FM 8.028 Sewer Machine Operating Instructions
FM 8.012 HVAC Proc. – Too Hot/Cold FM 8.029 Fire Alarm Indicating Appliances
FM 8.013 HVAC Proc. – Too Hot/Cold (Multi-Zone) FM 8.030 Elevator Rescue
FM 8.014 HVAC Proc.–Too Hot/Cold  (Entire Building) FM 8.031 Ladder Inspection
FM 8.016 Repairing or Replacing Split-  Sys A/C Units FM 8.032 Securing Portable Water – Building 22
FM 8.017 HVAC Hot or Cold Trouble Calls FM 8.033 Laundry Equipment Dryer
FM 8.018 Interior Re-lamps FM 8.034 Laundry Equipment Washer
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